Friday, September 16, 2011


Words cannot express the immense hatred I feel toward this picture.

Why? Look at HIM. He’s attempting to make a joke (and in my opinion one that is in VERY poor taste). I think that’s insulting to the people who have anorexia.

I also think he might be kind of an idiot. What did he do wake up and think “I think I’ll make fun of the fact that I’m morbidly obese and slowing killing myself! Yes, that’s a great idea!! I’ll use what I think is a weakness of someone else and make fun of myself for being fat at the same time! After all, they can’t laugh at you if you laugh with them…Right?” ?????

I’m pretty sure he didn’t think any of that.

 I’m also pretty sure he has not considered the fact that his own medical issue is very likely to throw him into an early grave. It’s a slow suicide. He’s slowly killing himself. It’s not even about how he looks; it’s about what he’s more than likely doing to himself.

He probably laughed and thought it was funny as heck that he’d wear a shirt that’s probably a lie, about a serious issue, given the fact that he’s clearly the opposite.

FYI, you didn’t “beat” anorexia. You (probably) were NEVER anorexic. You (probably) have no idea what it’s about. At least I hope not. If it’s not ignorance, then you really are just an ass.
Stuff like this, that makes fun of others for things that are out of their control IS NOT FUNNY. This shirt is as bad as walking around with something that says “I We Todd Did.”

Maybe I’m uptight. Maybe it’s the social worker in me. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I have a heart and care about other people. I do not think it’s funny to tease them. Whatever it is, that’s fine. I’ll take uptight if it means I’m not a jerk.

When it comes to eating disorders people can be SO ridiculously stupid. I hope it’s just ignorance, but honestly in some cases it is not.

ED is NOT something to joke about or to try to use to insult someone else. ED is a SERIOUS medical/mental health condition. I have heard far too many times, comments like “oh she’s so skinny, she MUST be anorexic.” I cannot put into words how much that absolutely pisses me off.
I’ve also heard comments toward/about me having a problem. The words “anorexic” “bulimic” or “eating disorder” have not been used, but the hint has been there. Phrases about me getting “too skinny” are annoying.

I’m not too skinny. According to the charts, my BMI puts me in the “overweight” category. I eat. I eat healthy most of the time. Sometimes I allow myself a treat and might have a cookie or something. The key is moderation, and the fact that I don’t typically eat junk food. I exercise to be healthy. Yes, it’s to lose weight. It’s also to build lean muscle, to feel strong, and to LIVE a healthy life.

I do not have anorexia or bulimia.

If I did, I wouldn’t be ashamed. I’d admit it. Having a disorder doesn’t make someone any less of a person. It doesn’t make them weak. Admitting to it and seeking treatment shows a strength beyond the strength that most people have.

Honestly? If anything, I’d have ED, NOS (not otherwise specified). This category includes compulsive overeating/binge eating/emotional eating. This was me…In the past.

I no longer use food as a comfort. I don’t run to it every time I’m hurt, sad, angry, or even happy (celebrations for good things, you know!). I handle it. ON. MY. OWN. I cry if I need to. I yell if I must. Then I calm myself down. I can get through feeling upset (angry, sad, stressed, etc.) without turning to food.
I’ve beat the heck out of that demon. It will never again live inside me. I’m strong now. Words of others are not going to get to me. They don’t. I simply smile and think “what an idiot; how sad.”

Some of the most amazing I know have struggled with ED. They’re beautiful, smart, talented, kind individuals. ED is typically about feeling in control of an aspect of life… Some people get overwhelmed and need SOMETHING to feel is in their hands. Some feel like they have to be perfect. In their eyes, perfection might be thin. Or too thin.

Far too many people don’t understand that ED isn’t really just about being thin. It’s more complicated than that. I think that before people open their mouths and make comments or jokes, they should learn about things. Of course they won’t because far too many of them think they know everything and that their view is “right.” It’s really not a matter of what their opinion means. It’s a medical condition. I wonder if they make fun of others who have cancer. I think it’s just the same.

That’s my rant for the day.

PLEASE, if you do not understand something, take the time to educate yourself — whatever it is! Don’t use things like anorexia to make fun of others or to use to insult them.

When you do, you just show the world how pathetic and uneducated you really are. If you don’t know about something, then don’t act like you do. And certainly do not open your big mouth. I’m sure there’s something that someone else could say about you to hurt you or insult you. It might not be obvious on the outside, but someday someone will find something.

Remember - “don’t judge a book by its cover” because you really don’t know what’s going on inside of it.


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