Friday, September 16, 2011

Blaaaah, Blaaah, and BLAH.

Once upon a time a girl had a day where she felt blah…Just BLAH.

I don’t think I’m sick. I have no symptoms of sickness, but am a little nauseated. Yuck. I have these days now and then. Nausea is no stranger to me. Sometimes I get nauseated if I…. Need to eat, ate too much, need to use the bathroom, when my allergies are acting up more than usual and my sinuses are draining, when I feel dizzy, etc… Basically, my stomach and I don’t always get along. It’s not like I’m going to get sick, it’s just that overall feeling of yuck.

Side note: Do you know how obnoxious it is to feel like that at work all day and not be able to go home “sick” because you aren’t really “sick”?  I’m pretty sure I need to go home because I feel “blah” isn’t a good reason. So instead I worked through the day, upset tummy and all. I was sooooo glad when it was time to go home.

I think my problem today is that I’m tired. I didn’t sleep well last night, which is always super hard on me. Once I finally fell asleep, I slept for an hour, then was back up. Then I had a hard time going back to sleep again. It felt like when I finally did, it was time to get up. Apparently I hit snooze 3 or 4 times, and I only remember my alarm going off once. Maybe it was twice… I remember thinking it was early, then all of the sudden it was half an hour later. I think I needed sleep so badly that those 30 minutes stuck together and flew by like crazy.

Since I’m feeling yucky I came home and laid down for a while. I have a hard time napping, but sometimes I can drift off for a few minutes. I think maybe I did for 20 minutes today. I started my workout an hour later than I planned, but oh well… At least I did it!! Sometimes it is far too easy to skip out because “I’m tired” (said with a whine).

Today was one of those days that I just DID. NOT. WANT. TO. But I did it anyway. I feel pretty good now. Tummy isn’t upset and now I just feel tired. I had energy for a minute but that went away pretty quick.
What I cannot figure out is how, when I have that feeling of yuck, healthy foods make me think “yuuuckkk” and honestly make me want to be sick. But unhealthy, carby stuff does not. In fact those things are quite easy on my tummy. I’m totally craving pizza right now too… Weeeeeird. I never realized that comfort foods which are hard on the stomach seem so soothing when I feel like this (that pretty much proves I’m not “sick” - if I were, I wouldn’t want anything).

I did have two cookies, that I baked, soooo I knew exactly what was in them. I also tend to make cookies smaller than the average person so having two was like having one!


Yes, yes, I am human.  I DO splurge now and then. I like sweets too. I’m not some superhuman machine thing.

Hmm… Now that I think about it, maybe it was drainage upsetting my stomach, which would make sense that carbs would soothe it. All that carby goodness probably soaks that stuff up pretty quickly.

Okay, I’m done being gross now.

At any rate, I managed to do a good workout and stay within my cal range, right where I want to be. So, I’m happy. Tired, but happy.


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