Friday, September 16, 2011


Lately several people have asked me what how I got started in my journey to health, and what made me change. Not only that, but also what made me stick with the changes that I made. In all honesty, that’s a question that I can’t answer. I remember looking at pics and thinking “I’m too young to look like this. I’m too young to be unhealthy.” At that time, I committed myself to change.

I wish I could identify what caused that change. Change is hard. Most people resist change. Becoming healthy is more than just a diet. In the past I tried diets and other random weight loss techniques.

I’ve used Slim Fast. I’ve tried Hydroxycut and Xenadrine. My doc prescribed Xenical once (a lot like Alli, if you know about that…). I used Dexatrim. I tried the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, and my own bizarre diet ideas (mostly unhealthy crash diets, and at one time severe calorie restriction). I went to Weight Watchers. Twice. I successfully lost my first 50 pounds on WW (between both attempts). Then I quit. Somehow I lost 5 more on my own (I think I got dumped and that took a toll on me). I’ve been on some kind of plan, healthy or not, since sometime in High School. I hid Dexatrim in my glove box. Slim Fast? In the trunk.

What I have learned is that….This is not a diet. This isn’t something short-term. What started about as a plan to lose weight has transformed me into a healthy individual, who just wants to get healthier and stay that way (I do have a weight loss goal in mind though).

As you can see, I’ve tried and failed at the weight loss game. A lot.

I think this happened because…. I wasn’t truly ready to change. The motivation to do this for ME wasn’t enough. I spent too much time worrying about everyone else and not enough time loving myself. Finally I got to a place where I decided that I am worth it. I tried to lose to….get male attention, because I “should”, because my doc (no longer see this one) kept lecturing me to do it, and because it was basically to attempt to look how the world thought I should. It was all based on my poor self-image and how I thought I should look - for everyone else. It wasn’t until it became about ME that I changed.

Everyone has different reasons for not changing. That’s just mine.

Last night, as I was contemplating the question about what caused me to change and stick with it, I remembered something I learned in college…Grad school in particular. Of course between all of the psychology, sociology, and social work courses in undergrad, I’m sure it was discussed there too.

The Stages of Change. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about this before!! Then I started thinking about the theories that go along with it and techniques for helping people…. So I Googled. I found a good article and I’m going to share it. If nothing else, it’s interesting to read it and identify where you are. There are also some good tips for changing your behavior.


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