Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Nike

Dear Nike,

I love your t-shirts. I love how they embrace the competitive nature of some of us (aaaheeemmm…me). I  love how they motivate me. Yes, t-shirts motivate me. The sayings on the front are “SO ME!” and some of what’s printed on them, is stuff I’d think. Some are a little suggestive, but, at times, I suffer from “boy brain” and I think it’s funny. Immaturity at its finest.

 I’d wear your t-shirts every day if I could. Unfortunately I’d probably get in trouble wearing some of them at work. I guess I’ll have to save them for days off and working out (although that thought pains me).
I do wish your shoes would fit me better though. I love them. There are so many fun styles! Unfortunately I’ve yet to find a pair I can wear while working out. They tend to rub and give me blisters. Not. So. Good. I love them for casual wear though!

Please keep making such awesome shirts… And maybe revise your shoe design so that they fit odd feet like mine.



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