Friday, September 16, 2011

I Will be Shot....

This title goes along with a previous blog; no I am not going to be shot with a gun, arrow, or any other sort of weapon.

I have decided… I will be shot - with a camera.

I blogged about how a photographer was wanting to do a photo shoot with me. I had been waiting until I got to my ideal weight/shape/whatever. I decided that I, for sure, am going to do one now.

Why wait?

There’s really no reason. AND I will do it again when I get to where I want to be… Which will hopefully be next summer!

This will of course depend on the continuing skin saga. I am seriously considering putting myself through surgery. I’m not a fan. I’ve had two surgeries in my life (my wisdom teeth and my tonsils). Those were both outpatient. This would be inpatient for at least a few days, but from what I’ve learned, likely longer. Yikes. I’m terrified of a hospital stay, especially because my Mom is a nurse and a dang good one! I know that any nurse who has to deal with me will be measured up to my Mom and, of course, no one is as good as she is! She’s my Mom…Obviously I’m gonna think that!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand… The shoot.

As soon as she is available, I’m going to do it. I’m kind of excited about it being fall, or almost fall, because I can wear more fall-ish outfits. These means I don’t have to expose too much of the skin. I always thought when I finally had a shoot done, I’d be ready to pose and smile while wearing skimpy little things. Not quite yet! But — In the future for sure!!!

I decided to do this shoot before hearing another super flattering comment today. I received another message telling me how great I look/how well I’ve done and asking how I did it. This person told me I looked like a model. Yay!

I’ve heard that a few times in the last year or so (and I’ve lost 40-45 pounds since the first time!) and honestly… I do not get tired of hearing it. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t like to be told that they look that good?!

I don’t always see the positives. I sometimes (haha too often) focus on what still needs work. It’s so easy to forget about how far I’ve come and look at the road that still lies ahead.

I’ve said it before but…. Your encouraging and kind words, supportive comments, and statements about me looking so awesome keep me going. If I’m having a bad day and just do not want to work out, I sometimes look at FB and read what’s been said. It’s like now I have this little following, and, surely I cannot disappoint!

Now I’m going to take my slightly inflated ego and go do something productive for a bit. Something that doesn’t involve me looking at myself in the mirror… Or any other reflective surface. No really, I do that ALL THE TIME. Have I blogged about that before? If not, I should. It’s honestly just a habit. Although the day I noticed myself checking out my shadow, I thought for a second I may have a problem. I quickly decided that I do not. This is not something new, since losing so much weight. This is something that I’ve done for years. One of my cousins does the same thing. We blame all the mirrors our Nonie had in the house growing up. I mean, if you’re used to seeing your reflection all the time, it becomes second nature to just look!
Again, thanks to all of you for the love and support you’ve given me. There have been times I thought I might break, and a simple comment has pushed me. Now I LIKE to push myself on (most of ) those days.

However, every now and then I need a little extra push.

Now to quote a song from one of my favorites….

“Mister photographer, I think I’m ready for my close-up. Tonight make sure you catch me from my good side; pick one…”                                            
(Britney - “Kill the Lights”).


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