Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm StrONgeR than Yesterday!

I realize that Miss B.’s song “Stronger” is NOT about feeling stronger physically, but it works. It’s also one of my big motivating songs. LOVE IT.

“Hush. Just stop. There’s nothin’ you can do or say…”  Sure, people will ALWAYS find something to talk about but I’m not going to be “the fat girl” anymore. I’m not going to allow them to pick me part. Now I care about myself. NOTHING is going to stop me.

The parts that say “now it’s nothin’ but my way” and ”here I go on my own” fit too. Why? NO ONE else can do this for me. This is my life. It’s up to me.

If you want it, it’s up to you.

There are days that I really just am so not into the idea of workout. I do it anyway. After? I feel awesome. I love the feeling of being covered in sweat; the soaked clothes and wet hair.  I love feeling super hot and having a red face. I like breathing heavy, the muscle soreness, and (some days) feeling like I’m going to drop.
I like seeing the calories burned on my HRM (Heart Rate Monitor). I try not to watch/focus it while I’m working out, but usually sneak at least a peak to make sure I’m “on track” with where I want to be. If I’m not? I push harder.

When I jog/walk, my burn averages about 100 calories every ten minutes. Not bad. Usually the first ten minutes are lower in cal burned because I spend the first five doing a walk warm-up. Then I really pick it up. I like to mix it up with running and walking increments. I especially love doing HIIT (high intensity interval training). It makes the time pass much faster than just a run (or walk). For me, walking isn’t generally a big calorie burner. If I take a walk, it’s just a little extra above my workout.

I love the feeling of accomplishment, even when it’s after a short workout. Finishing something that I wasn’t thrilled about doing, and having done it well, makes me feel good; physically and mentally. I feel strong.
Each time that I workout, I feel a little stronger physically. Every burning muscle reinforces the strength that I’m gaining. It makes me proud of myself…For what I’ve done, what I’m doing, and where I’m going. This keeps me motivated.

Yes, believe it or not, even I have days that I’m not motivated. These are the days when I want to say “forget this” and throw in the towel. But I don’t. I won’t let myself. This isn’t just a routine to lose weight and get in shape. It started that way, and ummm (not real hesitation; more like saying “duh”) hell yes I want an awesome bod, but that’s not what it’s about in the end. It’s a way of life. A healthy way of life that I’m not giving up on.

I usually use my low motivation days as days of rest (usually only once or twice a week). Even on those days, I’m getting stronger. Those are the days that I take time to reflect on things, revise my goals, and make sure my plan is on track. Those are the days that I might give myself a pep-talk, or read another person’s inspiring story. Those are the days I read comments from friends and family about what I’ve done. I might be taking a break from the physical part of it, but I’m still gaining mental strength on those days.

I push. HARD. I have determination, motivation, and the abilities to achieve every success that I strive for. Like anything, it’s a matter of doing it. This journey has taught me not to give up, not to be afraid, and to go for it. If you want it, DO it. It’s all about the action.

With every workout, drop of sweat, screaming muscle, and with every breath, I AM getting stronger. I LOOOOVE the fact that I can say “I’m stronger than yesterday…” Every. Single. Day.


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