Friday, September 16, 2011

Just When You Think You've Pushed...

…You need to push a little more.

It’s no secret that my pounds have NOT been coming off very easily the last several months. Apparently it’s time to trick my body again. I guess I’ll have to look at my eating and see what I can do to change things up. I may cut out some (not all) carbs and see if that helps. I’ve tired everything…Changing cals, different exercise, and my body just wants to go slow.

I was warned that this would happen. “The closer you get to your goal, the harder it will be to lose.”


I’m trying not to look at the 20+ pounds I’d like to lose. I’m trying to look at where I have been… 170 pounds. I wear clothes half (and more than half) the size I used to. I SEE the difference. However, the scale doesn’t reflect this. Jerk.

Luckily I measure… I have lost inches (thank goodness!) even though the pounds aren’t so cooperative. My muscles are more defined. I look smaller even though my scale doesn’t think so. My body fat percentage has decreased. Oh yes, I am doing good things!

Although the numbers are a huge frustration of mine, I know I’m changing. I know I’m healthy. I eat healthy (not 100% of the time; I enjoy a cookie or something every now and then…I’m human). I workout. I’m building muscle and losing fat. This should be enough to keep me from getting frustrated, but those numbers are SO powerful sometimes.

So, I’m making a new plan. I love planning….Thank goodness! This whole weight loss thing is a lot of planning. At least it is after you lose an entire person and are so close to your goal that it’s almost taunting you.

I’m pushing harder in my workouts and planning different types of meals.

Dear Body,
I’m about to trick you and you’re not expecting it. I promise that it won’t be too painful for you. Just cooperate and help me get those pounds off. My goal is reasonable (the end of the year). There’s no reason you can’t just behave and help me out a little. But you won’t. I’m left with no choice but to push you harder. And I will. Maybe next time you’ll cooperate! Although, I hope that there isn’t a next time. I hope that these changes will push me to my goal, and then I’ll just have to maintain (which I’ve proven to be awesome at doing).

Get ready…I’m gonna make it happen.

Lots of love,

I’m glad I continue to see changes and make progress, but I need that extra push right now. So? I’m gonna push. HARD. Sometimes you have no choice but to push harder. I know I can, as I’ve done it before. It’s not hard.

Actually, I’m kind of excited about it….Increased workouts - sore muscles, more sweat, and feeling like I might drop. Yup, I can’t wait (really!)!!!

This applies to many things in life… NO matter how frustrating those things can be, don’t give up. Push yourself and reach your goals.


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