Friday, September 16, 2011

Laziness, a Pet Peeve.

One day last I was driving back to work (from eating a healthy lunch) and this SUV stopped in front of me, in the middle of the street. I had to wait for this guy to drop off this girl before I could drive. After this cow gets out of the car the guy pulls into the parking lot across the street, and she stands on the sidewalk….Just standing there…Like she was waiting for him.


FYI, she could have been 5’10” and 135 pounds and I’d still call her a “cow.” Seriously, if you’re so lazy that you can’t walk across a street, that’s quite sad. Also, she did not appear to be suffering from any physical ailments, except for the size of her body. But, as a former cow, I can tell you that she was not too big to be able to walk across the street. UGH - LAZINESS!!!

I will add that I do not know the situation for that particular girl and maybe there was something I couldn’t see that inhibited her from walking that distance. This blog is not about HER, but about laziness in general….She just reminded me of it. So whoever she is, I do apologize for calling her a “cow” if she has a reason other than laziness for not walking across the freakin’ street.

Why does it bother me so much that others are lazy? Why should I care about their health?

Because I used to be one of them. I guess I internalize it. It’s sad….and kinda tragic. She was probably only in her early 20s. There didn’t appear to be any reason that she could not have walked across the street. No crutches, no cane, she walked just fine. I see people who are a lot more feeble than that walk across streets all the time. Sometimes they make me nervous, but I love their independence!

I think that age is a huge factor. The people that I see doing so much in their physical condition aren’t really that awesome…. They’re just not lazy!! Their generation was raised to be hard-working. Sadly, kids are not raised like that anymore.

Also? I don’t know about anyone else, but I really don’t want to end up paying some insane amount of money for my health insurance/care. The unhealthy state of this country is related to the cost of health care.
I really wish that those of us who have taken action to be healthy should be rewarded for our efforts. Something like, ohhhh, coverage for cosmetic surgery to remove this nasty skin would be MUCH appreciated.

I’m sure I’ll have no luck though. Instead that money will go to those who live unhealthy lives, and who end up damaging themselves. Fantastic. Let’s reward people for being unhealthy. In addition, let’s make unhealthy choices much easier, and cheaper, to access than the healthy options. That will surely help, won’t it? Great idea….Best ever.

(Please note the sarcasm in those last few sentences).

Maybe I’m annoyed because I’m selfish. I don’t appreciate people making poor choices, while I make healthy ones and get nothing. Hey, I’m an only child…. I guess I’m kinda spoiled, and a little selfish. I’ll take it. I’ve made some of the best decisions in my life being “selfish.” I’ve walked away from bad situations. I’ve gotten healthy. I’ve put myself first. In those instances, I’m happy to admit that I am selfish.

That’s my rant for the day. I’ll be back with something more positive next time….Probably about my inner-strength or peace or something chipper.


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