Friday, September 16, 2011

Legs, Sore Muscles, Food, and Dog Farts.

Yeah that’s a totally random title. However, it is also exactly what I intend to blog about, so it makes sense.
I’ll start with dog farts…OMG!!! Boxers have to be the smelliest of dogs. If not, I’d hate to be around one that smells worse. My little (well big) guy is laying on the floor breaking wind like crazy. I’m not sure how I am still breathing. If this were a cartoon, toxic green fumes would be floating through the air. Shoot, I hope I don’t pass out!

Food… Today I ate more than I wanted to, in terms of calories. But I was hungry. I didn’t “think” I was hungry or eat just for the heck of it. My stomach was growling and I felt those hunger pains that people get if they go too long without eating. It spoke and I answered. The “FEEEEED ME”s were very loud tonight. I did what I should and responded appropriately. I stuck to healthy stuff, so no worries there! I  ate around 100 calories more than I planned. I know…Only 100 lol…No biggie!

 Also? My workout was longer than usual. This means that I burned more cal than usual. I doubled my time. I doubled what I burned. So yes, feeding my hungry self was FOR SURE the correct thing to do. YAY me….For being so healthy and listening to my body! It loves me today.

My workout has left me feeling awesome, strong, tired, and sore. I’m not as sore now and when I finished my workout though, so that’s a bonus. I also know that soreness comes from muscles tearing, in preparation to rebuild — bigger and stronger. I love feeling sore. I know I’ve worked….and that makes me feel so accomplished. I can’t wait to see how sore I am when I get up tomorrow morning!!

That does NOT make me crazy.

That makes me a person who loves fitness.
That makes me a person who loves feeling strong, healthy, and amazing.
That makes me a person who loves herself and loves her body.

Yup…I’m pretty much feeling awesome right about now.


 As I was laying on my back, legs extended above me, while doing toe crunches I had to stop. I’m pretty sure I started at my lower legs for a full minute.
Is that weird?

The reason I started at my legs is that I realized that I liked how they looked (in that position anyway; when all of the extra skin just flops down and hangs out around my hips rather than on my legs).  I looked up at my tanned, toned, sweaty (seriously, there’s something about the sweat factor that makes them look even better) legs and thought “daaaammmmnnnn…”

I LOVED how they looked. They looked lean, athletic, and strong. I could see the muscle definition and wanted to just lay there and stare at it. Then I looked at my thighs.

I realized that when my legs are extended upward (meaning the extra skin is, once again, not present) my thighs look pretty dang good too. Again, I could see the muscle definition. They looked lean, strong, and small (but in a good, healthy way; not stick-like).

My next thought? “Oh skin, I hate you. Look at what you’re hiding. I wish you could just flop right off of my body. Forever.”

That negative thought was quickly pushed out of my mind. Whether the skin is covering it the majority of the time doesn’t matter. What matters are the times that I realize how much I’ve done for myself; how strong and fit I am becoming. THAT is enough to erase any negativity…For quite a while. I’ve felt awesome all night!
If you’re working toward a better you  (this is open to your own interpretation), in any area, don’t give up. Push yourself; work hard. Don’t miss out on seeing the progress that you’ve made. And don’t forget what you’ll continue to do.

NEVER forget to take a few moments to think of your accomplishments.


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