Friday, September 16, 2011

My Thoughts On...Zumba.

I hear people rave about Zumba often. I hear all about how it burns SO many cals; UP TO 500 AN HOUR! People have lost decent amounts of weight doing Zumba. It’s fun!

Here are my thoughts:
Please, please, please know that when products say UP TO,  it means UP TO. You will not definitely burn 500 cal an hour. To burn 500 cal an hour, you’re gonna have to bust your ass like crazy. OR you’re likely to be super out of shape and moving at a moderate pace will likely result in major cal burned.
Guess what!! This is true of any cardio… If you’re a beginner and you put effort in, you’re going to see results. Zumba is not a miracle workout. Just sayin’.

Please note that I am not bashing on Zumba. I LIKE Zumba; it IS fun. I do not do the classes. If and when I do Zumba (it’s been a while), I do it at home. I have the old DVD collection (like BEFORE it was a craze here) and the first newer version released…The one with the toning sticks.

For me, Zumba is something I do in my spare time to move a little, maybe burn a couple hundred extra cal, and just for entertainment. Zumba is NOT my workout. Why? My level of fitness is to the point where the Zumba DVDs just don’t do it for me. I burn more running, or even doing a fast paced walk (typically with my conditioning vest). Zumba is not a calorie burner for me. I do not consider Zumba to be one of my workouts….Which is probably why I haven’t done it in a while.

So, for those of you who are contemplating Zumba and who are not beginners, you might not burn 500 cal an hour. I certainly do not. Last time I did Zumba, I think I burned, barely, 300…Maybe a little over. I’m at a level of fitness that my body requires MORE effort in order to burn more. Honestly I’m slightly jealous of those of you Zumba-ers you do burn that amount during a workout. Of course, on the other hand, it’s probably because your level of fitness isn’t as advanced as mine. In the end, I’ll take my level of fitness over that.

If you’re a beginner, you might burn a lot. Just know that as you progress, you’ll burn less. This is true of any cardio. With other things, like biking, running, and swimming, you can increase your intensity or time, so that you continue to burn. An hour at a Zumba class is difficult to change up. Hopefully there are different levels that are offered and the more advanced classes are more intense.

That’s just today’s little “rant” I guess….I get so tired of hearing people say that they’ll lose a certain amount of weight or burn a certain number of cal, and they totally ignore the UP TO part of the statement. That statement saves companies from law suits. It is frequently accompanied with “results not typical.”
Just remember to always be aware….And no matter what type of exercise you do, give it your all, and have fun!!! You have to love what you do, otherwise you’ll burn out. Change things up if you need to; variety is good!!


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