Friday, September 16, 2011

Reminder - For ME.

I need to be reminded of this…DAILY. Far too often, I find myself competing with others (whether they know it or not). I have this need to strive to be “the best” which is a constant battle because…NO ONE is “the best.”

Believe me, I do not think I am “the best.” Not even close! There are others who have different talents, are more intelligent, can look good in a bikini, etc… I’m not “the best” and like all of you, I never will be… Even you, you people who think that you are!! Let go of your arrogance, and figure out what insecurity is making you behave that way. I’m not being negative or depressed or anything…Just stating the simple truth.
I will admit though that there are certain people that I want to be “better than” and no matter how much reassurance I am given about the ways that I am, I STILL find myself creating a competition. How exhausting. I wonder how may cal that burns… HAHA!


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