Friday, September 16, 2011

Running with Nature....In August.

Today; my foe? Plants. They’re pretty. Especially the ones with the flowers. However, to a person who has allergies… They’re awful!!! I ran by one plant, or maybe it was a bush, tonight (not sure what kind, but it had a strong scent). The less than 30 seconds I ran past it was all it took.

Tingle. Tingle. Okay, good it went away.

Then I came across the street construction and a big truck dumping water on some dirt.Okay, so that’s not really nature…Well, the dirt is. Right? Anyway…. This stirred up dust. Dust, like plants, is not my friend.
Tingle. Tingle. Ohhh I’m stuffy. Tingletingletingletingle…OMG my nose!!! I have sneeze “stuck.”

Good thing my run was almost over.

I remained stuffy until after I de-stunk myself (showered). I guess the steam helped clear the gunk out of my nose.

Tingle. Tingle. SNEEZE. Tingle. Runny…ewww. Tingle, Oh my gosh I need another tissue. Tingle. SNEEZE. TINGLE. TINGLE. SNEEZE. TINGLE. SNEEZE. SNEEZE. TISSUE. TINGLE. TINGLE. TINGLE. TISSUE. SNEEZE. TISSUE. TINGLE.

THAT has been my evening.

Now I remember why I don’t run outside that much.


Nature hates me. Or my allergies hate it.

The other reason I don’t run outside very often (okay less than that because the last time was when I did a 5K in JUNE!) is that I’ve been a little self-conscious. It’s hot, soooo no running while wearing pants like I did for the 5K. This means my legs are exposed. I’m wearing shorts….The running kind. They’re not very long. My legs are SUPER exposed.

I generally DO NOT like my legs. I keep working them and the more I tone up and lose weight, the worse they look. Why? I have a lot of skin on my thighs. It’s gross. They pretty much look like a map of a mountain range or something. Yuck.

I can do tricks with my skin. I can pull it away from my body and wiggle it around. Okay, sorry, some of you may find that gross. I just think it’s weird. Or maybe I like to gross people out. :)

Anyway, so clearly my skin is just hanging there and it’s floppy. There’s nothing that can be done. It just flops. So, when I run, it’s worse.

Floppy. Flop. Floppy. Floppy. Flop. Flop.

This made me hide out in my basement. In the past it was the fat. Now it’s the lack of fat (filling out my skin). BUT I decided today that I wanted to get outside. I needed a good run. I run harder and faster when I run outside. My heart rate shoots up, pretty fast. I like it. I find it more difficult to run outside too. I like that too.

Honestly? I don’t know why I’ve been hiding. I should be proud of my skin. It’s not filled with fat anymore. LET IT FLOP!! If people don’t like that it’s there, freely flopping in the breeze that I leave behind me (I hope the breeze doesn’t send my stench into orbit…ewwww; see, gross)….Then that’s too bad for them. Don’t look at me. If some skin bouncing around grosses you out, then look away. I’m happy that I have that skin (as much as I really do hate it). I’ve worked hard to be scarred in that way. Not everyone can do what I’ve done.

For that reason…. I plan on running outside more often. I like it and I want to do it. I look better now than I did before. It feels good. And really do the opinions of people that I don’t know really matter to me? NO.
This whole running outside thing will, of course, depend on the nature and the allergies. Hopefully as fall comes (what a great time to run outside!) that stuff will subside. Until then, I think I can suffer through, at least once a week!

Tingle. Tingle. Tingle. Sneeze. Tissue. Tingle. Tingle. Sneeze. Tissue. TIIINGGGLLLEEE….

Why can’t I sneeze again!?


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