Friday, September 16, 2011

Terms I Plan to NEVER Hear Again...

We’ve all heard them; nasty comments, snide remarks, and mean names. People always find a reason to insult one another. Some do it with pride. Some do it and feel guilt later. Some do it because “everyone else called her that.” It’s human nature. We are judgemental. We think mean things and sometimes we say them. Out loud. I’m guilty of this…

Heck, I’ve recently put a girl’s face over a cow’s body for motivation to NEVER be anything like that again. I’ve also put a pic of a girl putting food in her mouth on a collage on my refrigerator. That’s not very nice. She really has no clue that I did this, so I guess that makes it less nasty. No matter the degree of nastiness, it’s not nice. Period. FYI - These collages are for motivation; for personal use; so that I don’t become a fat ass (ooooh there’s a term not on my list) again.

I’ve come up with some names that I hope to never hear again (after I reach my goal, as I realize some still qualify).

DUFF - Designated Ugly Fat Friend.  This is a term that’s generally used by guys who are jackasses; usually collage-age. These guys are generally out at the bar trying to find someone to hook-up with. Every now and then a guy will “take one for the team” and hit on the DUFF. This will often get his friend points with the hot friend. This may increase the friend’s chance of getting lucky. And hey, “fat chicks are easy” so if the wing man needs to fulfill his needs badly enough, he’ll do it. Even worse, girls use this…About. Their. Friend(s). Again, these are usually college girls (sometimes high school, as those girls are just getting meaner and meaner). They keep this friend around to make themselves look even better. It doesn’t matter if this friend is pretty, she’s fat. Fat equals ugly (because really, who would ever think that the fat chick is cute!?). End of story. If a has a DUFF along on GNO (girls night out), then she’s going to look better… This increases her chances of being hit on, and scoring free drinks. Because really, it’s all about how hot you are and how many dudes want you. Except? They pretty much just want to bone you. Ladies, open your pretty little eyes.  While you’re at it, learn how to be a TRUE friend.

Grenade - Populated by those super cool adults who act like boys on Jersey Shore. Unlike the DUFF this girl can be thin, but she’s still ugly. Often times she might be the chubbier friend in the group….Maybe not “fat” but not thin either. She’s certainly not a beauty queen, but she’s surrounded by friends who are hotties. The deal with this girl? See above. Poor thing…She’s in the same position as the DUFF.

Fat girl - I’m done with this word. I think it’s meaning is obvious. This word can be used to make someone feel better. If you call yourself the fat girl, that’s okay right? You’re saying you know it and you’re owning it, and you’re hot anyway.  The negative? People call you “the fat girl.” Let’s face it, when someone else is calling us fat, it’s not as pleasant. It’s downright insulting.       
Side Note: I am also done with the phrase “fat girl store” (usually referring to Torrid or LB).

Similar to “fat girl” are the terms “chubby,” “plumper,” and “fatty.” Also, as mentioned earlier,“fat ass” is now on my list and fits into this category.

These next few words are similar to fat-girl but are a little more pleasant… “full-figured,” “plus size,” “BBW” (big, beautiful woman), ” thick,” and “curvy” (used negatively) are frequently used to describe a fat girl in a “nice” way. This means she’s gorgeous, despite being big (oooh there’s another one… “big” oh and “heavy set”). Like when someone calls herself a fat girl, this is more positive. She knows she’s fat but she’s hot and she owns it.

****I just want to add that the words “thick” and “curvy” are sometimes used when inappropriately, which is why they’re included in the above paragraph. In my opinion both “thick” and “curvy” do not mean fat. It means you have some amazing muscle that makes you solid (hello, Serena Williams, you sexy beast!).

Or you have some awesome curves (the type of body other women would almost kill for).  Your booty might be big, and if you’re lucky your boobies are too. The curvature of your hips is noticeable, in a sexy way. Women like Kim Kardashian, Sophia Vergara, and J-Lo are curvy.

They are in shape, healthy, and certainly not fat. I think THIS is what is intended by the term “curvy.” Someone has taken it and made it mean fat. It’s not. Bottom line… I WANT to be curvy….In this context. If someone is calling me “curvy” and they mean fat, they can go play in traffic.

To those of you who make these words mean fat….STOP!!! If anything, words like “curvy” and “thick” should be synonyms for SEXY.  Stop stealing words that do not mean fat and making them mean fat. NO BUENO!!!

I’m sure there are many more terms that could be added to that list, but that was my starter list. I could sit and brainstorm a lot more, but I think you get the point.


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