Friday, September 16, 2011

What's in a Name?

I was trying to come up with a creative name for this blog… Something to do with the fact that I was once a fat girl.  Everything I came up with was either too close to what someone else had, not catchy enough, or just didn’t work. So? I settled on my standby missbex and added 30 (my age) at the end. Funny, my previous e-mail/screen name was missbex24. 24!? I created that SIX years ago?!?  Where does the time go!?

In my attempt to figure out a fun identifier I used a common term and that inspired me to examine something. BBW. Big. Beautiful. Woman. I was one of these not long ago. At least in MY opinion. I expected to find things about modeling or clothing or something fairly standard. Wrong. The first two sites were Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary. The third site? PORN. The fourth? A personals site. REALLY?!

Okay, so, I know that there’s a fetish with BBWs. I get it. This is particularly interesting to me because I am a total nerd and try to figure people out. I ask a lot of questions and do what I can to have them answered. This is generally concerning human behavior. Side note: I was a psych major, switched to social work, was like two classes from a double major in social work and sociology, and continued my education and have a masters degree in social work. I like to know about people…. I love it actually. Psych disorders, deviant behaviors, and other such things are things that I enjoy studying. That being said, that’s where my digging about this fetish business came from.

Back to the BBW thing… It’s fine to like what you like…People are attracted to people that they find attractive. Lots of men like some curves (no, that doesn’t mean that everyone with curves is a BBW). Other men like lots of curvies. Size doesn’t matter (nor do things like hair color, skin color, eye color, height, etc.). I shouldn’t be so surprised but I find it crazy that this term is so closely related to this fetish that it comes up that quickly on an internet search. This made me want to figure out something else. What would happen if I looked up other random fetishes? Would those be some of the first hits if I searched terms related to them?
I tried a few. Here are my results…

Plus-Size — after searching through several pages of results, I found clothing, clothing, and more clothing!
Feet - After looking at several pages of search results I found “sexyfeet” which is someone’s user name on YouTube. That is the only thing near being pornographic I could find.
Fart - (SERIOUSLY). The fourth page aired something dirty. Pun intended.
After four terms, BBW yielded the most results. Apparently we can’t call someone a BBW without the majority of people (I’d suspect) immediately thinking something sexual. I knew that this term existed. I knew that it was often related to BBW personal sites or pornographic sites. I didn’t realize just how popular it is to use the term BBW with those things. Had I realized this when I was a self-proclaimed BBW, I would have been pissed. This does explain all the creepers and pervs who sent me friend requests on Facebook and MySpace.

Conclusion? Apparently when it comes to sexual fetishes, fat is where it’s at. That is of course based on my limited research.


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