Wednesday, October 12, 2011

6 Week 6 Pack - Day 2

I was going to get up early today to get one of my workouts done. Totally didn't happen.

I went to bed late instead of early last night. when the alarm went off this morning I just was not ready. It wasn't laziness. It was a need for sleep. Getting enough sleep is soooo important to living healthy. Too often it's overlooked.

Both workouts, while shorter, occurred after work. It was like a two part workout.

Today I did the JM DVD first. As I anticipated, I had more energy and my endurance was better. I did not feel like I was going to drop today.

My run was a little more difficult today than yesterday. I think this was because my body was so sore, and maybe tired, from the JM workout.

I really need to keep these two workouts separate. I think my body will respond better, and like me better, Igbo do. I will continue to try to get to send earlier so I can get up early and workout.

I'm sure that part of it was because it was day two. The first day of something new is usually fairly difficult. I wasn't familiar with some of the moves so I had to figure out what I was doing. Luckily that was only for a couple of the exercises.

JM brings uses some moves that are the same as, or similar to, moves from her other workouts. Bless her for once again using exercises like burpees, mountain climbers, and plank jacks.

She knows JUST how to make me hurt.

I definitely felt the soreness today. I felt it primarily on the inner thigh area and my sides. During the workout I felt it almost everywhere.... Thighs? Check. Shoulders? Check. Sides? Yup. Lower back? Uh-hih. Abs? Sure did. Booty? Oh yes.

Post workout.... Sides, thighs, and booty.

It certainly feels like I'm giving my body a good workout. I hope to see some results soon. Six weeks is quite a bit to commit to, especially for someone like me who can get bored easily. I don't expect a six pack but do hope to see some difference. I plan to monitor my progress weekly (measurements and pics) and see what happens.

As I wait for results to show up, I will continue to feel it. That has to mean progress is happening, right?


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