Thursday, October 13, 2011

6 Week 6 Pack - Day 3

Once again I did not get up early to workout. Once again I went to bed later than anticipated. I’m seriously TRYING to make tonight an early to bed night and tomorrow morning an early to rise morning. Here’s to hoping… But please, don’t hold your breath. I don’t want to be held responsible for any passing out, or you know, death.

Today seemed a little easier. This seems to be the trend with JM’s DVDs. It’s hard for a while and just when the most difficult exercises in the level you’re on get easy, you’re moving to the next level up. I anticipate three weeks of progressively getting easier then I’ll be hit with Level Two and will begin to feel the pain once again.

I burned fewer calories today than yesterday, and fewer yesterday than the day before. This tells me that my body is starting to adjust to it. I wore my HRM and worked at the fat burning level. JM mentions burring fat during the course of the workout, so I’m trying to be more focused on burning fat than burning calories. I’m also okay with it because of the pain that I feel. Pain means that muscles are building.

I think that’s where the “no pain, no gain” quote came from. It’s true. The pain you feel when you’re using your muscles is because the muscles are tearing. After they tear (just little tears) they start to rebuild, which makes stronger muscles.

As for now, I still feel the pain. My abs burn, my shoulders really burn, and I can feel it in my legs — and that’s just while I’m working out. After I’ve noticed that I feel it mostly in my thighs, lower back, and sides. This seems to be the case tonight. However, I’m also feeling it in my stomach region (yay!). I’m definitely working my muscles….LOVE IT.

Due to eating earlier and working out later, I only did the DVD today. I was bummed to not run, but at the same time it was a bit of a relief. I try not to workout within a couple hours of bedtime, so I decided to stop after my time with Jillian. It’s also good to have a day off now and then. My current plan is to stagger my days off, so that I’m never off from both on the same day. This will make things difficult if I have plans or go out of town, but I’ll figure out a way to at least do some kind of walking or something. those will be my non-Jillian days.

I guess I don’t have much new to report after the workout today… It felt good to feel the burn and to sweat. I love both. Yes, even the sweat. It makes me feel a great sense of accomplishment. Gross or not, I’ll take it!

I'm thinking that I won't be blogging on here after every workout for the next 6 weeks. Maybe only when I feel some kind of a change or see some results. I think it could become very repetitive....


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