Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jillian Michaels Tried to Kill Me - AGAIN.

Yes, that’s right… That beastly trainer nearly killed me. Again. I am pretty sure that I have all of her DVDs. I love them. They can be SO freaking hard sometimes but I feel such a great sense of accomplishment when I finish.
I bought JM’s 6 Week 6 Pack DVD over the weekend. No, I do not expect to have a 6 pack in 6 weeks. However, I do expect to see (I hope!) some results. More importantly, I expect to FEEL some results.

Day one? Results felt.

Oh my!! I think I forgot I had some of the muscles that I worked today. It wasn’t just abs… Some arm, thigh, booty, and lower back work was included, but the main emphasis was on the abs.

It’s no secret that I’m horrible when it comes to Strength Training. I’ll do really good some weeks, getting in at least three sessions. Other weeks I might do a couple days of various crunches and push-ups, but that’s it. Then there are the bad weeks where absolutely no ST is in my routine. That’s not good. Our bodies need at least a few days of ST a week.

I’m a Cardio Queen. I can do cardio everyday and not tire of it. I (usually) don’t look at it as a chore (but I have my days, who doesn’t!). ST though…Ohhh that’s another story. I’m not sure why. I guess maybe I don’t like to feel the burn while working. But then I LOVE feeling it after. Strange.

Anyway, I try to get my ST in, at least a few times a week, so that my muscles love me. Last week was a bad week… I think I did two days of ST which was body-weight ST (using my own body weight for resistance; I did crunches and push-ups). Weights are good. Weights are my friend. However, I have trouble continuing an ongoing relationship with them.

Today I did a quick cardio session (35 min) on the treadmill, then I did the JM DVD. I decided to do a shorter cardio workout than normal because….

I didn’t know exactly what to expect from this DVD. JM’s DVDs are follow a circuit-training format. This means that while strengthening, cardio is included. I knew I’d have another 30 min of that combo, so I didn’t want to push tooooo hard before starting. Based on other DVDs that I’ve done, JM’s workouts are intense. I’m no fool… I wanted to be able to finish without crying like a baby.

I’m glad that I did what I did. The first time doing any new routine can be difficult, but WOW! this one lived up to the JM reputation. It was HARD.

It is my experience that despite how much more fit I am when I begin a new JM DVD (or do one of the others over again), I feel it. She works muscles that I don’t work as much. She pushes. Yes, she’s on a DVD. This would make it easy for some people to give-up.

Not I.

Noooo I’m crazy. I, apparently, enjoy feeling like I totally suck at working out. I enjoy thinking that no matter how much progress I make, I’m still not a bad ass. I enjoy feeling my muscles shake (okay, that I really do enjoy). I enjoy worrying that I may fall down due to my body feels like it’s going to just give out on me. It doesn’t. And I know it won’t. I’m working my muscles to the point of failure (at least I think I HAVE to be with how they feel)…And that’s awesome. So good for my body! I love how I feel after. I love knowing that I did myself some good and worked hard.

DVD Review…

This, like JM’s other DVDs, is one that I like. Time seems to go by fast (thanks to the constant motion) for most of it. The difficult poses, even when held for a few seconds, sometimes feel like an eternity but that’s a good thing. I’d recommend it. I haven’t found a JM DVD that I wouldn’t recommend. She has her reputation for a reason, and she lives up to it!!
I’ve done JM’s other DVDs after cardio before… I thought I’d TRY this and see what happens. I’m certain that doing cardio before a JM DVD is (still) not the best idea ever. When you’ve already worked your body (even if only for a mere 35 minutes), it’s harder to maintain strength through something more intense. At least, it is for me. I’m not a trainer or in tip-top shape. I’m a normal person. This is a lot for my little muscles.

I need to come up with a plan of attack for adding this into my routine. While I love the fact that I burned hundreds and hundreds of cals with this combo, it’s just not good for me to combine them.

So…I’m thinking about alternating longer cardio days with this DVD. However, for me, the DVD alone isn’t enough to feel like I’ve accomplished much; so maybe I’ll just WALK before it and after it, instead of running.

I’m also thinking about (and this is nearly laughable) actually maintaining a decent sleep schedule (SO hard for me to do!) and getting up earlier in the morning to do one or the other. I’m not sure yet if starting the day with the torture of JM or running for 30-45 min seems better. Honestly, at this point I’m thinking JM might be the better option. I’ll get up knowing that I’m gonna work (HARD) but the time does pass quickly. And, accomplishing this first thing in the morning might just set the tone for an awesome day. I’m sure I won’t do this EVERY day. JM recommends 5 days/week (at least) for the DVD… This would likely be in order to see results. So. I’m thinking most weeks two of my days will be Saturday and Sunday. It’s easier for me that way. Of course, I have my travels to consider, so some weeks will be M-F. I’m fairly certain that there will be weeks that I’ll be happy to get 3 days in!!

Why is that laughable? The thought of me getting up early is enough of a laugh on its own…But to do a workout DVD is pretty funny. I have this intention often but never seem to drag myself out of bed with enough time to work out. I did this in the past. I had a buddy though, so maybe that’s why it was easier. And I had less insomnia and didn’t stay up as late. I really think sleep patterns/habits have a lot to do with this.

My plan for day two? To get up early and do something, probably the JM DVD. As hard as it is, that seems to be the "easier" option for morning. For me.

Stay tuned for updates on this little plan of mine…. Might work. Might be a giant flop. We shall see.


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