Monday, October 3, 2011

Push Push Baby...

Today was one of those days that made working out rough. I honestly did not want to do it. I did though.
My head hurt. In fact my head has hurt since this afternoon… It still hurts. I refuse to let minor things, like said headache, hold me back. It takes more than that to keep me from working out.

I will push as hard as I can.

I was tired. I wasn’t just tired in that “I wanna close my eyes and sleep right now” kind of way. My body felt tired. Even after two days off from my typical workouts (something different Saturday, day off on Sunday), I felt tired.

My legs ached. They felt heavy. I think I had a couple moments when I almost fell. My shoe seemed to stick to the treadmill. Yes, my legs felt so heavy that I almost couldn’t lift them - but only a time or two…or maybe three.

My allergies must have been raging today because my breathing was difficult.. I felt a cool burn in my chest and kept coughing. Yuck; gunk in the throat.

I. Did. Not. Want. To. Do. It.

But… I did.

I didn’t want to but, I ran. I ran more than I walked…. I like to break it up with short (one minute) walk intervals. I did the first one after the first 15 minutes, then did them every five minutes. It helps time pass… This is why I’m a fan of HIIT; makes the time pass quickly.

Hmmm….I haven’t done HIIT in a while, I need to do that soon.

Despite not feeling the best or wanting to do it, I did it. I burned almost 600 calories in less than an hour.
Each time I wanted to quit I reached deep inside and found my drive. I pushed harder. I ran faster.
After? I felt awesome. The sweat soaked me. The shortness of breath, the pain in my head, and the ache in my legs didn’t seem as bad.

None of that mattered. Those little things that made me not want to do it were no match for my will. My desire to be healthy and fit won.

In the past I would have given up. After all, that’s easy to do. Had I done that today I would have felt bad about myself. I would have felt guilt. I would have been angry with myself.

Instead I felt strong and unstoppable. I felt a sense of accomplishment. I was pleased with myself for pushing through when I didn’t want to.

Oh and after my run… I did some ab work as well as a little arm work.

Instead of giving in to the part of me that didn’t even want to start, I worked hard. Do you know how good that feels? Don’t give up no matter what. Your goals are worth the work it takes to achieve them… No matter what they are.

Kat DeLuna, thanks for the song “Push Push.” It helps me push through when it’s hard.

“Push push baby don’t stop for a minute…”

Oh...And as an extra boost today, a co-worker (with whom I can talk about pretty much anything) told me that I look 10-20 pounds lighter than I am. That's right, she thought I'm about 145-155...Not stuck in the 160s. I love that I can carry my weight so "well" that someone thinks I'm lighter than I am. That's my goal (the bottom number)...For now. Who knows, I might get smaller. I'll just have to see what I look like. I don't know how I look at 145 and 5'7". Maybe I'll be content; maybe I won't. I guess I'll see when I get there. I just want to add that I honestly believe that I probably have a good 10 or more (okay, probably more) pounds of skin hanging on me. If I had it removed, I'd really be how I looked to that person. Interesting. I guess I'm good at hiding the floppy skin lol.  And, it just goes to show you that there can be huge differences in what you are compared to how you look.  Also, there are differences in each pesron. I know a girl who, at 160, wore a size 4. Um...I'm only a few poounds and several sizes from that. Must've all been in her feet lol, or she was exaggerating.... Or was all muscle, no fat. Or.... Something.

I also heard that my shots from my recent shoot were "amazing" and that the head shots were "killer." This was before they were edited. As soon as the photographer is finished with them and shows them to me (hopefully this week; she's currently working on the shoot before mine), I'll be blogging... Probably with pictures too!! I want to blog on my first photo shoot experience, but definitely want to see the finished product before I do.

Should be this week...Stay tuned... :)


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