Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back to the Basics...Partly.

I’ve stalled in my weight loss efforts. I lose a few pounds, gain two back, lose five, gain three, lose those three, and so on… This is called a plateau. This means my weight is stable.

I do not want stable. I want a decrease.

I think that part of my “problem” is that my body is becoming more lean. While I haven’t lost pounds, I’ve lost inches…Not a lot but a little here and there. Compared to when I last measured…I’ve lost another inch from my waist. I can’t recall when I last had a 20-something inch waist. Never? My bust has lost another inch. I’m starting to wonder how this is even possible. My thighs, calves, and hips have lost a little but not much - maybe not even an inch combined. My calves are as powerful and solid as ever. The numbers haven’t gone down significantly, but for where I am in my loss, I’d say that’s pretty good! People continue to comment that I keep losing. This proves to me that even though I may not see it - on the scale, in the mirror, in my clothing size… It’s there. It might be a little bit, but that’s more than nothing. And that’s certainly better than going the other direction. My body composition is changing.

Oh….These measurements were done at the end of the day. I’ve taken in food and water. I’ve worked my muscles. There’s a possibility that my measurements are a little higher right now than they would be in the morning (my “true” measurements). This is also true of weight. I can “gain” 4-7 pounds over the course of the day. It’s gone by morning.

These measurements are with my skin… There’s nothing I can do about that. BUT! I am buring fat. I am building muscle. I FEEL it in my body… I feel the pains. I feel stronger. I feel like I beast some days. Today was one of those days. I burned more calories than I have doing a piece of my workout. I threw my power into it though, and I pushed hard. I felt so good after.

I didn’t do this workout, or anything I’d consider a workout for a few days (but did a lot more walking than usual, so I wasn’t sedentary). Sometimes your body needs that.

Just when something seems to be getting easy… Take a short rest from it (a couple days). You might see a difference. Also, make it harder. You can ALWAYS do something to make it harder. Add weight. Add more weight. Do the most challenging position for that move…. Figure out how to make it harder. Harder means that you’ll work more. You’ll get more benefits if you put your all into it.

Push until you want to cry. Push until you’re shaking. Push until the sweat stings your eyes. Push until you think you just might vomit. Push, push, push!!

Due to my stalled loss I am revamping my plan a little. Even though I’m sure I’m gaining muscle and losing fat… There’s more fat to be lost. There are more pounds and inches to go.
I’m going back to the basics. I’m going to go at this with the same gusto I did when I started. That means taking some of the things I’ve reintroduced into my diet back out.

I didn’t eat out very much at first…. MAYBE once a month. Lately? I’ve been going out once every two weeks, or so. Sometimes, depending on what’s going on, more than that. This cannot be. Noooo sir. I am going back to not eating out. This might mean decreasing my socialization again/more but I have to. If I want to reach my goal, I have to do what works.

Restaurants, I bid you a fond farewell…See you sometime later, but not anytime soon. I know we’ll have to meet at some point, but don’t plan on seeing me in the next couple weeks.

Junk food… I’ve been a bit of a junkie lately with Halloween. I have leftover candy. I need to get rid of it. I have proven to myself time and time again that this stuff just cannot be in the house.

The best part? I’ve never been a “sweet eater.” I’m much more prone to go for something salty. Apparently when salty is unavailable but sweet is at my fingertips, sweet sounds like a good idea. Sweet is not a good idea….Not when it comes to food.

Sugar…We need to part ways again. I’ll meet you again, but lately you’re hanging around too much. This means that I will not bake for my loved ones quite as much. And if I do… It ALL needs to GO. It needs to go to a place different from where I am. If it’s there, I’ll eat it. Even if it’s not my favorite. Even if it’s too sweet for me. Even if…. I’ll eat it. I can’t have it around.

Pasta… I broke up with you a while ago. We had a close relationship. You were too white for me though. We had to end it. I’ve discovered your whole grain counter part…. Lately I’ve eaten pasta again. Whole grain or not, you’re not good for me. I may indulge in white pasta on occasion….Like the rare times I’m at a restaurant. This will only be if whole grain isn’t something that the restaurant carries. I have noticed that more places offer whole grain pastas now (thank you!). Anyway… whole grain pasta, even once a week or once every two weeks is too much for me.

As far as flour products; I am not eating much bread… When I do it’s 100% whole wheat or whole grain. It’s not often that I buy it because if I buy a loaf, it goes bad. I’ve discovered Aunt Millie’s Slimwiches…. Perfect. They come in whole grain and are small. I can have one every few days, if I decide to.

Fruits and veggies will continue to be my “BFFs.”  I really need to establish a better relationship with my veggies again. I enjoy fruit so that’s not a problem. More veggies are a major need.

I’m already crafting menus and a shopping list for this weekend, which I haven’t done in a while. This is also a definite need for me.

I’m always good about water. I don’t eat fast food. I track what I eat, drink, and I track my exercise. I watch it. I have good habits. However, some stuff needs to be taken out again… And I’ll slowly introduce it again later. Sloooooowly.

I’m not ready for my weight to be stable yet. Hopefully by going back to the basics (of when I first started this journey), a pattern of loss will be stimulated. I’ll allow the occasional treat. I’ll put things back into my diet when I’m ready… When I’m where I want to be. When I decide that stability is my goal.
I’m so close to my goal….I want it SO badly. I need to push to get there; just like I push through my workouts.

Goal weight, I’m coming for you.  Goal size, I’m coming for you too.


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