Saturday, November 19, 2011

Being Sick? Sucks!

I haven’t posted in a while. Shame on me.

I was busy… Spending some time with some of my loves. I had a much needed GNO last Friday night (okay since today is Saturday I suppose that’s now two Friday nights ago). A few of us had a super fun outing downtown at Howl (at the Moon) and spent the night in the city. Ahhh…Chicago…Your excitement, energy, warm people, gorgeous views, and well…All of you. I love you, still.

Yes, my love affair with Chicago continues. When I say Chicago, I mean downtown…FYI.

The rest of the weekend was fairly laid back… A little shopping, out for dinner, nothing too wild and crazy. Overall, it was a great weekend with great people.

Sunday I started feeling kind of “blah.”  You know the feeling… Tried, like your temp is a little high, just yucky in general.

Yes, yucky and blah are medical terms…Haha.

So I just relaxed after I got home on Sunday (other than unpacking, of course). Monday I went back to work and felt okay, not great, but not horrible. Actually I felt much like I did on Sunday…Just blah. Tuesday was pretty much the same, but I was starting to feel worse… I noticed that my voice was getting pretty rough in addition to feeling how I did the previous two days. By the end of the work day I was feeling worse. I thought about going home to workout to “sweat it out.” That didn’t happen. I was much too sluggish.

Wednesday showed up. My voice did not. Well, not very well anyway.. It was there, but mostly a whisper. I’d have a moment of excitement when it would seem to come back but then it quickly got weak again. No bueno. So I went to the doc on Wednesday. Apparently I didn’t just feel blah. I was sick… Walking around for probably at least a couple days with a low-grade fever, without even really paying much attention. A sinus infection and laryngitis. Lovely. This meant an antibiotic for me. This also meant that I felt super crappy. I usually don’t go to the doctor unless something is making me feel really bad; whether it be sickness or an injury.  By Wednesday night my voice was even worse.

On Thursday my voice was pretty much gone. I had a bit of a whisper at times but most of the time, a whole lot of nothing. Good thing I didn’t go to work. This was SO HARD for me. I hate missing work, mostly because I know that I will, undoubtedly, return to a pile of work to catch up on. Who wants to do that? Not me. I’d rather be there and not deal with a friggin’ mess. I also had been saving up my sick time so that when I decide to have cosmetic surgery for excess skin, I’d have lots of time saved up.

I used a couple hours on Wednesday, and then 8 on Thursday, and another 8 on Friday.  Over two days off of work… UGH… I can’t wait to see how insane my work day will be on Monday. Thrilled, I tell ya, thrilled. Ha.

I’m feeling better today. Mostly I’ve just been dealing with a cough and feeling tired. I still haven’t done much of anything because it wears me out. However, I have been able to focus to look at things on line, and here I am, blogging! This is a huge improvement.

You know what I haven’t been able to do though… Exercise. I am honestly hating the fact that I can’t work out. Even thinking of it exhausts me right now. I’m taking off until Monday, but then it’s back to it.
I’ve already gone A WEEK without working out. My last workout was at the end of the last week….Thursday. I didn’t work out on Friday because I had a couple appointments then headed out of Podunk later in the day. I’m going to go ahead and count being on my feet for several hours, in heels, and much of it spent dancing, as a workout. This isn’t something I do on a regular basis. I’m sure consuming Stoil Raspberry and water, followed by a piece of pizza, didn’t do much for me though. Oh well… I have to LIVE this life that I’m in, even if that means partaking in big girl beverages and eating a piece of pizza every now and then. I didn’t eat much the rest of the day anyway, so calorie-wise, life was okay.

I had plans to have dinner with a couple friends last night….Friends I haven’t seen in a while. I had to cancel because I’ve been sick. Thanks sickness, you ass.

So. Being sick? Sucks. Mucho. I hate missing work. I super duper hate missing workouts. I also hate being cooped up in the house. I’ve had limited contact with the outside world over the last few days. It’s not like I’m going to a function every night of the week, but at least I get to be around people. Thank God for Facebook and texting or else I’d have been lost.

I can tell I am starting to feel better because I’m getting a little angry about having been sick. I want to get out. I want to do something. I want to go be wild and crazy. However, I’m still not up to par, so…..Home it is. Fantastic.

I’m honestly about to have a little pity party, complete with tea (not the kind from Long Island either… The kind of the green variety). Maybe I’ll splurge and have some fat-free hot chocolate. Woooohoooo…It’s a party over here.

All of this sitting has given me far too much time to think. Now I’m feeling quite unhappy, borderline depressed. I seriously need to feel better fast. I need a workout to make the endorphins surge through my body. I need some social interaction, in person.

The last few days, spent in sweats, doing shots of Theraflu cough syrup, surrounded by dirty tea cups, empty bottles of water, and dirty tissues… Has left me feeling less than glamorous. I want glamour. I need glamour. I want a fun, glamorous life. Can I please be ten years younger (but still in this body, not the body I had ten years ago…or a better one!) and do it all again? I want to go live in the the city, with roommates, working in a store or waitressing or something… I want to live the “cool” life for a while before I grow-up.

Newsflash. I am a grown-up. I’m quickly approaching 31. I’m supposed to be responsible. People look at me like they can’t quite figure me out because I’m unmarried, and have no children. That’s because of where I live. It’s not fun here. This is not the place for me, yet here I am….

With that, I’m off to look at indeed or CB or something. Maybe there’s a job waiting for me…In the city, where I can breathe.


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