Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Case of the Yuckies

Not feeling well can really mess with me. I haven't eaten much today thanks to my stomach acting a little odd.  I must have picked up a touch of a "bug" that's going around; sounds like a stomach flu. Luckily the extent of it, for me, seems to be pain upon eating.  I've found that if I put too much into my stomach at once, I am given a sharp, stabbing pain in return. This happens if I take too big of a drink of water or something too heavy. I thought that something bland, like plain oatmeal might be okay. It wasn't. Ouch!! I did manage to nibble on some fruit (strawberries and grapes).  In small amounts the pain isn't as bad. I'm also okay if I sip on water. I've also had a some nausea but that's nothing, really. I can deal with that better than the pain, which at its worst made me double-over and get pale-faced (more than usual).

It could be worse. I could be experiencing the other difficulties associated with it. At least things are staying in my body. I'll be thankful that, so far, it hasn't been too bad.

I am behind in my daily water consumption.  It's lunchtime and I've gotten five cups in...Since I got up this morning. Generally I'm between eight and ten by now. Being able to only sip a little at a time really limits the water intake. 

Oh! In addition to this stomach thing, I am experiencing a bit of a bloated tummy. Lovely. Retaining water and not being able to drink as much water as I do on a normal day is not a good combination. BOO!!

Given that I'm only able to eat small nibbles of light things, I'm also behind in my daily caloric intake. I think I'm right around 300.  I left an apple and raspberries uneaten (that were meant to be eaten this morning) on my desk when I left for lunch.

The odd part? My stomach is still growling. It still wants food. It just isn't tolerating it. I can't even drink enough water to try to trick it into being full.

This is just not good.  People need a certain amount of calories in a day. We need a certain amount of water. I anticipate that this will also mean that a workout won't be occurring this evening.  It also did not occur this morning... I was just too nauseated and tired.

I realize that a day or two of not living as healthy as I normally do won't be detrimental. I just don't like it.

I love that I am motivated to be healthy, and that I really want to workout. I got a new exercise bike for Christmas and love it. I'm bummed that I won't be able to jump on and ride tonight.

I do not love that I feel yucky and have to rest.  On the upside, rest is important for daily functioning and even more so when our bodies are fighting off bacteria. I will take that as a sign to rest, knowing that I will only help myself by doing so. Knowing that when I feel better I can spring right back into action is a comfort.

I just find it annoying to not feel well, which seems to have happened more frequently than usual. It must have been a germy kind of fall. Or my immunity has been down because I ran out of those vitamins and, before that, I was doing a lot of traveling and was very busy in general. Being on the go makes a person tired (and eventually, exhausted!).  This causes difficulties in working out (who wants to when they feel ready to crash? Honestly?).  I know that when I'm tired my workouts aren't up to par (by my standards). I know I wasn't getting enough rest, or sleep, which probably didn't help me any. 

On the agenda for the weekend? More busy action. I hope I'm feeling better!! The people I've talked to who have had this bug (worse than I have) have felt better within a day or two. I'm hoping that by tomorrow, or at the latest Saturday morning, I'll feel back to myself. You know, so that I can go out on Saturday night, stay out late, become tired, and exhaust myself again...

I'm going to admit that I am looking forward to things slowing down (socially) in the next couple months (mostly thanks to the weather). I love my friends and family but sometimes I really do love staying home on the weekends, whether relaxing or cleaning (and always working out).

If I don't post before... Happy New Year!!


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