Monday, December 5, 2011

Ready? Set? Move!!

Today was like a day one for me... Almost a re-start but not totally. I'd call it a re-start on the workout front. I was on workout vaca for over a week! Rare for me! However, due to being out of town for a few days over Thanksgiving and then battling headaches, body aches, and other physical ailments last week, it just didn't happen.

I have continued to eat healthy, overall. naturally I've had a treat or two...or ten, maybe! In general though I'm healthy. We all can use a treat now and then, I think that if you're healthy and the treats are limited (very limited in my opinion), you're safe. Without those indulgences, we'd eat to try to satisfy ourselves and would likely end up eating more in the end.

A friend started her journey toward a healthier lifestyle today. Yay for her!!she has a wonderful family; beautiful children, and from what I can see is a great wife and mother. I'm glad she's decided to give herself a gift... Merry Christmas to you! Almost two Yeats ago my birthday gift to myself was a healthy lifestyle. It is, by far, the best gift I have given myself. I hope that two years from now she can say the same. She's been through a rough time or two and I k ow she has the strength to do this!

She is part of my motivation for getting back on track with working out. If I am going to encourage and support someone else, I better be doing the work too. I feel better and am ready to be back in action. My other motivation was that I just missed it. I missed the sweat. I missed the soreness. I missed the red face. I missed that awesome feeling; that post-workout

I did a walk/jog interval session today. I love intervals. I really live high intensity intervals.... Can't wait to do some HIIT again soon! Today, though, was just regular HIIT. At any rate, it felt so good.

Sometimes the body needs a rest. I usually give it a few days, at max. This was a longer rest than what's normal for me. After being off of the workout train for a while, I burned some awesome calories today. This will not be the case as my body gets adjusted again... It could be as soon as tomorrow or the next day. That part doesn't really matter ad much though; the calorie burn, the pounds lost. What is really important is the benefit to my body. My health and wellness and just being in shape is what matters most, to me.

If you've fallen off track, haven't started, or find yourself on a break.... Get moving!! It really does feel amazing. At first it might be hard but if you oust through the difficult moments, you'll reach that rewarding feeling. It is SO worth it.

Ready? Set? MOVE!!!!


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