Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vitamins, an Essential.

Lately my workouts have been lacking.... Lacking in terms of frequency, duration, and sometimes intensity. I will say though, that intensity has been pretty dang good.

My problem seems to be starting a workout. Recently, I'm just NOT the workout girl I once was. The last month has been awful. In addition to being busy I find other excuses (and as we all know but hate to admit, they are EXCUSES). Lately the feelings of being tired and cold have been my primary workout deterrents.  Who wants to workout if they're already feeling tired?

Then of course when I do workout, I am energized and feel much more awake. This leads to another excuse... If I don't work out early enough, then it's too late and I won't be able to sleep.

This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!

I have prided myself on my workouts. I feel strong and amazing when I do them. Like right now, I feel the soreness in my thighs and lower abs from yesterday. I've done some of my desk exercises, and can actually feel the burn while doing them. This is great! I love this feeling!

Unfortunately it has not been a long-lasting feeling of greatness. The last few weeks I've gotten the workout bug but it's gone away much too quickly. I usually workout at least 5 days a week.  The last few have been 2-3 days a week. This? I do not like. Not at all. Not one bit. It's awful.

I know what I want.  I have goals to reach...Goals that influence my body, my health, and even my future career path. Yet, somehow I cannot seem to find my motivation. It seems lost; buried by a pile of  days that contain "I'm tired" or "I'm just too cold" excuses.

The imaginary light bulb is glowing brightly above my head.


I just realized that I haven't been taking my nightly multivitamin. I am pretty sure that this is what is impacting on my general feeling of blah.  I had started taking vitamins over the summer and was feeling awesome. My workouts were harder, more intense, and I was kicking some butt by early fall. I felt amazing.

The last month I have not been taking my vitamin. I ran out and keep forgetting to buy more. A multivitamin contains iron.  Iron is a must for someone who has anemia, like me.  My hemoglobin and hematocrit were low, then when the iron from the vitamin got into my system, my level improved a little. That's when I started to feel better. I felt more energized, slept better, and just felt healthier in general.

This just might be the answer to why I am feeling so blah lately. I have many of the symptoms of someone with anemia and they tend to worsen when my level goes low. They tend to improve when my level is more stable (such as when someone remembers her vitamin).

I've gotta take that vitamin.

Don't worry...I'm starting tonight. I take mine at bedtime because if I don't, I feel sick. I get sweaty, warm, and super nauseous. Not so much fun. Vitamins are meant to be taken on a full stomach. What better time than after all of the day's food has settled. I guess I could take it anytime after dinner, but bedtime just makes more sense. It tends to fit into my routine better.

I am actually pretty excited to get back to taking my vitamin. I know this will help me feel better and get me out of this little rut I seem to have fallen into.

It's really amazing how much control what happens in the body can play on what we want to do. I've had great reasons for working out. I mentioned that friend who started her journey. I thought that staying on track and kicking butt to help motivate her would be an awesome motivation for me. It was a few weeks ago when she first mentioned it. However, my motivation dwindled.

How can I encourage and check up on someone else if I can't even do ti for myself? Yes, something is wrong. I feel the motivation during the day, but then by the time I get home from work I'm so exhausted that I just want to do nothing. I have found that it's much easier to tell myself I'm doing it, and do it as soon as I get home.  If I allow a break, that's just bad news.

I'm so happy I came to this conclusion today. I'm excited to take that vitamin at bedtime. I'm eager for my levels to build back up so that I can get back to feeling good and kicking some ass. My competitive edge hasn't left. I want to "be better than...." but when I'm tired it's easy to let that slide and say "oh I'll be back at it tomorrow." Not now.  I'm going to push, even as that level builds. I'm not waiting. My workout diva is coming (back) out.

For some more info on iron deficiency anemia, check out this link:



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