Monday, January 30, 2012

Bad Days: We All Have Them.

I wouldn't call today a complete bad day. I did well with exercise, and my eating wasn't bad until this afternoon. I was too high in carbs, calories, and sodium today. I was also too high in sodium yesterday.  Two bad sodium days in a row does not make for a happy me.  I can FEEL that I had too much; my fingers are puffy. It's too late to take a water pill but I'm up to 20 (or is it 22) cups of water for the day....Well, a little more since a bottle is 16.9 ounces. That .9 adds up after a while.

Eating was pretty good until after lunch. I think I waited too long too eat. No, I KNOW I did. But....Work had to be done and I really needed to catch a lady I had to see, and knowing her routine it'd be difficult later in the day. I had a salad for lunch...lettuce, fat-free cheese, a hard boiled egg, some light ranch, and some chicken...Nothing bad.  After I got back to work I was still hungry. Also, the craving monster came raging at me and jumped into my body. I had some M&Ms. Okay, that still would not have been bad....IF I would have eaten my planned healthy dinner.  Instead I had... Reduced Fat Wheat Thins and fat-free American cheese singles. And then some buttercream frosting because, well, I NEEDED it (according to that damn monster).  So much for my healthy dinner. Instead I ate guilt. YAY!

I think this, combined with the sodium, made me drag tonight. I was tired today anyway (could have napped mid-afternoon).  I'm not sure how I focused or how I managed to workout. Unfortunately it was after my "dinner" and I was even more sluggish. It was WORK to get my body to cooperate tonight. BUT, I did it. As much as I really did not want to, I did. Yes, kids, that's determination at work.

First, I had to get on track with my training schedule. I was "off" yesterday and will pretty much be "off" tomorrow. I have a hair appointment after work and that will take a couple hours, plus drive time. With dinner (late), it just won't be possible tomorrow evening. I am, however, going to try to get up early tomorrow to do some morning yoga. Hopefully I can sleep tonight so I can accomplish that. Bedtime will be early, that's for sure.

I did my training workout, plus an extra 15 minutes of walking (when I say walking, I do not know how I walk so fast without running, or falling, because my poor legs are going fast; also this is on a bit of an incline). I finished that, and had about 30 minutes of phone chat time. Then I logged my info, and decided I wanted to walk a bit longer. Tomorrow is the last day of the month and I'm about 15 minutes short of my 1000 monthly fitness minute goal. The extra 20 minutes today was helpful because I won't have to try to figure out when to get it in tomorrow evening. It also made me feel good, I burned a couple hundred more calories, and erased some of my dinner guilt. Not enough to learn a lesson though, because not long ago, I ate another small fingertip full of frosting. Naughty. I know.

I haven't done yoga since Saturday, and was sore all day Saturday as well as yesterday. I missed feeling that soreness today. I can't wait to do it tomorrow morning.  Mr. Insomnia better stay the heck away tonight!!!

I suppose overall the day was not "bad."  It just had a couple bad moments. I'm already prepared for a healthy tomorrow... Dinner for tomorrow night is currently in the oven. I'll just reheat it when I get home from my appointment. I'm making the turkey nuggets I had planned to make this evening.

Tomorrow will be a better day.


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