Thursday, January 19, 2012

Burn Baby Burn!

This morning I FINALLY got up early to do some yoga. I felt pretty rested when the alarm went off, although I did try to hit snooze twice. The first time was a success, but then I couldn't fall asleep again. I decided that instead of being lazy and laying in bed, I should get up and move!

I don't feel that I slept that well last night, but apparently it was enough.  I was up three times to use the bathroom, despite my efforts of drinking less. One of those times I was up for a little longer than I usually am because my clumsiness took over in the dark. I walked into a baby gate (used for the dogs, to keep them out of trouble) and stubbed my toe. I think that a stubbed toe sends a little pain shooting through most of our bodies. I managed to cut my toe and was bleed a little too. Nothing major, pretty silly, and an easy "fix." I'm slightly annoyed that it kept me up a little longer.


 Perhaps I need to cut down on my overall amount and be done even earlier than I did last night.  I am drinking one less bottle of water today to see if that helps. I'm going to try to stop drinking around 18 or 20 cups.  If I remember correctly from last time this happened, over 20 is when I seemed to get up. I will still have my nightly cup of tea. That's probably more like a cup-and-a-half because of mug size and I don't usually measure out water.  Hopefully this little decrease will help me to sleep through the night.

I found that I burned more calories doing yoga this morning than I did on Tuesday evening. Interesting.  I was back up to the amount that I burned on Sunday. I don't think that I worked any harder today than I did on Tuesday. I think it was the time of day.  On both Saturday, Sunday, and today I was up and did yoga before getting into my typical routine.  Tuesday I had already been up and going all day. I think that morning yoga gets the heart rate up more because of sleeping all night. When I've already been up and moving, it doesn't seem to take as much effort. That's my theory anyway.  I still hate morning running, even if I know it'll result in more calories burned.  Yoga was a nice way to get in some body weight training, get the heart rate up so I could burn calories, and just a nice way to start the day. It's a great feeling to start the day feeling accomplished!!


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