Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday and Feeling it.

I can most definitely tell that it is Friday today. I am so tired! I'm often tired on Fridays. I think it's just having been up early all week, being busy with work, working out, doing thoughts around the house, and working on random projects. I love being creative and usually work on something that involves some sort of creativity nightly. Whether it's doing a craft project, designing a shirt, or playing my piano, I like to take some of my relaxation time to be creative. 

I'm just starting to get into my piano again, after well....years. I don't think I've actually done much playing in longer than I can remember. I'd venture a guess of at least twelve years....Maybe more.  I decided to drag out my old books and start playing again. It's been so long that I'm having to refresh myself on what I learned. I'm also working on my skills. I was never a concert pianist but I was pretty good. I took lessons when I was a kid, finally stopping when my teenage life got too busy. And I probably got too bored.  I was more concerned with focusing on my clarinet and the French language (all things French, really...culture, food, vacation...).  I'm definitely more than a little rusty, but it's been fun to take some time to review notes and start playing a little bit.  I love music and haven't made much of it in far too long.

I'm not sure what my relaxation will be tonight. I'm so tired that it may not be much, if anything at all. I may actually sit down and watch a movie.  I'm not one to sit still for very long, so it will be interesting if I can make it through one without getting distracted. I'm sure I'll have to stop it a time or two. It's hard for me to sit still for that long! I'm sure I'll get lost in the addiction that is known as Pinterest for a while too.

My workout today was pretty good. I did the second level on my JM yoga DVD. The first day is always a little difficult because it's more a day of learning than real work. Sometimes I have to stop and look at what they're doing so I'm not in a pose as long. Or it makes me the whole time that they're doing a pose to figure it out, or even find my balance. I forget the name of one of the poses but I think I fell on my head three times while attempting it.  Basically you are balancing your entire body weight on your arms.  My arms are weak. My arms cannot hold me for very long in a plank, and then I have the help of my feet! For this move you're supposed to bend your elbows enough that you can put a leg (one at a time) on each arm. Ha. That is not only ridiculously hard (for me) but I'd imagine it's a pretty hilarious thing to see. It's a good thing I hide out and don't do yoga in front of anyone. Ohhhhh the embarrassment that would accompany my attempt to balance on my arms!

I'm definitely feeling the soreness tonight. I think it's a combo of the new, harder yoga poses, and the biking. I love to bike, but that resistance makes a huge difference. It's one thing to bike outside, even fast, on a mostly flat area (some hills, but not difficult hills), but it's another to be biking against some strong resistance, especially when putting your all into it, and watching your speed. I worked, that's for sure.  I still don't burn as much doing that as I do running. I burned 13 more calories today than I did yesterday (during workouts). Yesterday I worked out for 25 minutes LESS than I did today. It's amazing how much more work I have to put in when I bike. Even when running doesn't seem like it's super hard, I still burn more. I've gotta say, I love that. I am more achy today though, and I also love feeling sore. I know I worked hard.

It's good to have variety in workouts. I can feel the difference in my leg muscles that are worked when I bike compared to when I run. I think that's why biking can make me so sore. I haven't used those muscles as much as the muscles I use when I run. As much as I love the soreness, and as in love with yoga as I am... Running still has to be my favorite. Right now it's a combo because I'm doing that training plan, but my walk pace is pretty fast. Sometimes I think I'm trying to push myself to go too fast and my legs have a hard time keeping up (every now and then I lose my balance for a few seconds). It's actually a relief when I go from that to running again. Given the choice between trying to walk faster than my body wants to and running, I'd choose running.

After my workout today I feel strong. I think that feeling the muscle soreness helps remind me of how strong I feel. My muscles feel tight. I'm having one of those nights where I feel like I have bricks in my thighs. It feels amazing. I love this kind of good pain.  I cannot even put into words how wonderful I feel after a good workout. The workouts themselves can be hard. I do believe I called JM a not-so-nice name during my yoga session. I probably grunted a time or two while I was biking. I've had times when I've thought "I hate this" and "I don't want to do this."  I've cried.  The workouts themselves can feel like torture at times. It's that rewarding feeling after that makes them so good. If you can push past the hard parts, you'll feel accomplished, strong, and pretty proud of yourself. You don't have to be the best, you just have to do your best. I'd highly recommend a good workout to anyone, anytime. It's a feeling that you really should experience.


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