Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hold the Half

You read that right. I may hold off on the half marathon I've been contemplating. Why? Simply because I didn't think it through. I have more than enough training time; it's not that.

I've been seriously considering having surgery due to the weight loss and excess skin.  The more time that goes by, the more I want it. Originally I was considering having it done this spring.  I'll obviously have to go for a consult and see if my body is ready and what the surgeon recommends. He may say I need to lose more weight. Or maybe I don't.  If I am ready, I'm thinking that I'd like to do surgery in April. I don't want to wait too long because I'd like to be healing and look somewhat "normal" by the end of summer, at least.

The time frame that I'm looking at for surgery is right in the middle of race training. In two months I will hopefully be healed enough for the 5K, but being down for a while isn't going to be good for the training.  There's no way I can be ready for a half marathon if I have surgery this spring.  However, I know I can at the very least walk the 5K, even if I can't run it.  If I have to walk, it'll be a good way to get back into fitness after healing.

I suppose that settles that....Unless of course I'm not ready for surgery, then it doesn't matter and I can continue to contemplate! For now, I will continue my training as planned.


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