Monday, January 30, 2012

I Challenge...ME!

My friend SarahJ19 on SP is starting a 30 day challenge tomorrow, to help herself stay on track with her good habits. A challenge is always good. I love challenges. I really love challenges that involve rewards at the end. I'm an "eye on the prize" kind of girl. I'm competitive. I like to win. I love prizes! And presents, for the record!

I decided that I was going to use SarahJ's idea and do my own little challenge. I am calling it the Kelly Clarkson STRONGER Challenge.  While SarahJ's is 30 days, mine will be a little longer, but not much. I'm going to a Kelly Clarkson concert in March and what a great reason to work hard. I already purchased my ticket, but I'll use it as a reward for doing well on this challenge. It's not going to be about pounds because I'm at odds with my scale. Pound-based challenges are hard for me. I don't do pound goals very well. I run myself into the ground trying to reach them and if I don't or I am off-track from where I think I should be, I stress. In the end, these challenges hurt me more than they help me. A challenge should be hard but not something that is negative. Plus with my skin, muscle, and everything else I am trying not to focus so much on my friend Satan. Uhh... I mean, my friend the scale. Yeah...THAT is how I feel about it. Anyway, this is the Stronger tour and her song Stronger is one that I've been using to get through hard parts of workouts lately.'s perfect. She has the Stronger Tour and I have the Stronger Challenge.

I will be using my 1000 monthly fitness minutes as a goal (by the way, February is a short month, which means I'm going to have to work a little harder than I did in least a couple days). I will also be fitting in one workout on workout days...ALL workout days. Whether it is a training day or a CT day, I'll also be doing one. I LOVE these workouts but have only done a few. I'm not sure why. They're hard, but generally short and easy to fit in. The first one I'm going to do is a 10 minute routine. It alternates 20 mountain climbers with 20 toe touches (on your back, crunch style - not standing). That's it; just those two exercises. As many as I can do in 10 minutes. I will continue doing my training days and my CT days (probably yoga and/or biking).  I'm going to try to get back to morning yoga, at least three times a week too. Scratch that...Not try. I AM going to do morning yoga at least three times a week.

That covers fitness

In terms of eating... I'm aiming for at least 5 fruits/veggies a day. Usually this is easy for me but I've noticed that weekends (and days I eat junk for dinner) this is a lot harder. My weekend eating needs work. This is a good time to do it. Other than that, I do well. My water consumption is not a worry. I worry more about drinking too much and being up all night than not drinking enough (rare, since that's about all I drink!).

I'm also going to include a mental health aspect to this challenge. If I feel the need to eat something like I did today with the M&Ms and the frosting, I'm going to take the time to think it through. I'd like to do this BEFORE indulging but let's face it, that's a stretch. If I do though, I'm going to sit down in the evening and think about it....Why did I want it? Did something (like a feeling) trigger it? Was it emotional eating? This won't be an every day part of the challenge and I'd LOVE to not have to do it at all (which would mean, YAY for me!), but I'm realistic....It may happen. At least once.  This doesn't include treats. I'm sure I'll have a Valentine's Day treat or two. My Adopted Birthday is the 18th, so I'm sure I'll have something then. I'm planning ahead. I'm aware.  It's the moments that I'm in "ME. NEED. NOW." mode.  That's not healthy. I need to figure out triggers, why I couldn't resist it, and things like that. Too often when we do challenges we think of the physical and eating.  Rarely is our mental state a component. I'm excited about that part. Perhaps it'll help me change a habit or two!

I've been horrible about monitoring my measurements lately. I can't remember when I took them last. I keep forgetting.  So, as part of my challenge I will be doing weekly measurements.  Not much will change in a week, but I need some consistency so that I remember to do it! I am also going to TRY to get down to weekly weights during this challenge. I'm way to obsessive about weighing-in and do it at least daily...Sometimes more.  That's not healthy, and it causes me difficulties. This is why I'm trying to get away from the scale and part of me learning to worry less about pounds.  We shall see how this goes.... Every time I try, I'm on the scale the very next day. I think I made it three days once.

That's my challenge... I'll record it daily, but I don't know if I will do so on here. Maybe I'll make a page like my training update page. I can post a short summary, or something more in-depth if I go wild over chocolate or something.

Challenge starts...Tomorrow (since it's a short month, I decided I'd start a day early).  I'll keep you posted...


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