Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Don't Wanna Eat...

Do you ever have those days? Times that you just do not want to eat. I had one of those days yesterday. It's not because I was afraid to eat, or I wanted to avoid it so that I'd lose (or at least not gain) any weight. It was just that I didn't feel like I wanted to eat. I did because I knew I had to but the thought of it was exhausting.

Despite feeling hungry, it sounded like too much of an effort to prepare anything. I suppose it's because I was so tired that preparation was very undesirable.  Lunch ended up being left over ground turkey taco meat with some fat-free cheese. Dinner was two Special K 90 calorie bars and some Skinny Cow clusters.

Oh! I just remembered I had some crackers and cheese too. I suppose yesterday was my unhealthy day for the week! I was fine in terms of calories, fat, and such (but higher in carbs than necessary)...It was just not good as far as the quality of what I ate. It was not a very healthy day.

The day started out just fine, and healthy.  As it went on though, I felt more and more tired and less and less like making anything.  It takes a bit of work to be healthy. It's just not making something to eat. I have to keep in mind what's healthy and what is not. I have to pay attention to my intake and where I am in terms of cals, carbs, fat, sodium, etc.  I just did not want to do it yesterday.  Not eating would have been the perfect solution.  However, my stomach was growling, so I decided to feed it.

Being back to my usual, healthy self today feels wonderful...Almost like I'm detoxing from the bad! It's as though I can feel the bad things moving out of my body.  My workout was especially helpful with that!!

It's definitely not worth getting off-track, even for a day. I know it happens to us all though, at some point.


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