Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Link Time!

I came across this article today and I really enjoyed reading it, so I thought I'd post it on here to share with all of you. A lot of what is said in the article is similar to things I have said. Basically? The things that the media is throwing at you, claiming weight loss, aren't really going to help you. I decided to give my opinion on what the article states too.

First let me say...I love that article.

Although it's a short section I'm glad to see that something was written on HCG.  That seems to be the big trend lately and people buy into it without a second thought.  I am happy to see that science has not proven the effectiveness.  For some reason HCG is one that really bothers me. I think it's because it's a hormone and well I'm not a fan of using anything like that to alter your weight. I don't like chemical things like pills either.  I'm happy to read though that most HCG pills are just sugar pills. Hmmm...Placebo effect, anyone?

I also disagree with the diet that goes along with it. Stuff your face full of anything you can; no matter how bad for a couple days and then drop to fewer calories than you need just to function; to LIVE. I'll say it again and again, 500 calories a day is too low!!! That's a meal, or a meal and a snack for most people! 
500 calories a day is not healthy. It's dangerous. Welcome to the starvation diet.

Some people fight for their lives to try to eat more than that because they have an eating disorder. Be happy you don't have to go through the hell of having anorexia. If you want to eat, then eat!! Just make it healthy!!! Don't starve yourself because some person came up with this grand weight loss scheme.

They also address Hoodia, and my feelings on that are the same as HCG. No good.

Green tea doesn't really do much different for you than normal. I agree with the article in that it may initally help with weight loss due to the increased caffiene in your system.  Coffee does the same thing.  Tea is natural, safe, and nothing I'm overly concerned about. Just don't start popping green tea pills left and right thinking you're going to drop some major pounds.

As far as acai...I stand where I do with green tea. It's natural and I don't see much harm in it, but it won't cause you to lose that weight.

I love the last paragraph in the article... It states that the best too for weight loss is self-empowerment. I cannot agree more.

Don't waste your money on products.  Save it and spend it on healthy foods or put it toward a gym membership. The only way you are truly going to safely lose weight long-term is by changing your habits. Even if you have weight loss surgery, you will still need to change your habits. Honestly after going through something that invasive, I don't know why someone wouldn't change! Yikes!

Eat healthy.  Exercise.

Weight loss really IS that simple.  Easy words, easy formula....HARD work.  There is no quick fix that will have last effects. You need to put in the effort of making healthy meals, menu planning, tracking your daily values, and making sure your diet is healthy. Again, when I say diet I mean it as in what you eat, not in terms of being on a diet. Big difference, and I don't like the latter use.  You must put in the hard work of exercise. Lots of people don't like it. Really though? Do you think you're going to burn calories by injesting something and then sitting on the couch?

No one wants to hear that it takes actual work and dedication. Too many people want to hear that there's a magical solution. There's not. 

If you want it, you have to go and get it.  After all, if it's worth having, you'll do what you need to in order to get it. If you want it badly enough you'll live with the sweat, the pain, and the time it takes.  If you want it, you'll do it.


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