Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Product Review: Diurex Aquagels

Let me start by saying that I do not agree with using diuretics (or any other pill) for weight loss. However, there are times when you just might need to use a diuretic.  At those times, you generally have gained weight but it's water weight. You may feel bloated, puffy, and uncomfortable.  Diuretics are fine, when used appropriately. I do not agree with the concept of popping them left and right to try to lose weight. Taking them for a purpose other than intended? That's misuse of a medication. In my eyes, that's no different than taking a pain medication to get a high. Any medication should be used according to the directions or prescription.

So. There's my opinion on that.  Now for my review.

I've been taking this medication when needed and I will say that it makes a world of difference for me. I suffer from what I think is PMDD (not diagnosed but I fit all of the criteria).  PMDD is pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder. What is it? Severe PMS. I sometimes think of it as PMS on crack... It is out of control sometimes.  One of the symptoms associated with it is water weight gain (fluid retention/menstrual bloat).  When I experience this, I typically experience some pretty significant discomfort. Not only do my pants feel tighter, but I feel like I'm going to bust out of them. It hurts to have my skin stretch and hold all that extra water. I can feel it in other areas of my body. My fingers often feel puffy and dry (although they're like little fluid filled sausages). Although I try to avoid TMI on this blog... My ta-tas hurt terribly too. When this time comes around I'd love to live in leggings, sweats, and sports bras. Unfortunately I have to go to work, which means I need to dress professionally, not run around like a college student.

I started taking these little gels a couple months ago. They're amazing.  They definitely take care of that extra water! I drink a lot of water as it is, but when I take one, my system is definitely flushed out.

The directions say to take one after eating breakfast and drinking a full glass of water. By the way, I like that the importance of breakfast is stressed....My opinion on breakfast is another post though. The quick version? EAT breakfast!! Anyway....Another aquagel can be taken six hours later. Not more than four should be taken in a 24 hour period. Also six to eight glasses of water should be consumed when taking this product.

How many do I take? Usually just one.  It seems to do the trick. I take one after breakfast and drinking enough water (generally on bottle number two by that time, if not three!), and that usually provides me with symptom relief. I'm very cautious if I take more than one in a day. I make sure to take it right at the six hour mark so that I'm not taking it too late in the day. I'm already awake enough at night, I don't need to be up anymore!

Naturally because of the water weight gain, the numbers on the scale go up... They go down when the water goes out of the system.  I do not use this product to watch the numbers on the scale go down. However, it does help to see that because I know it's working. Although, feeling the changes in my body after taking one is probably enough to know that the diuretic is doing its job. 

I really like that it's caffeine free (this particular kind). Others have some caffeine because caffeine is a diuretic.  I monitor my caffeine intake and try not to have too much in a day. I'd prefer to stay away from a product that contains it. This one contains a diuretic (Solubolized Pamabrom). The company makes a few different products; some do contain caffeine. I like that they offer choices so that people can choose what's best for them.

The box boasts that it is prompt and effective. I definitely agree! Immediate release? Yup!

This is a product that, if you NEED it, works well. It can help with those additional pounds of water weight caused by bloating/retention.  Again, I am not (and would never) suggest that someone take this product to lose weight. Weight loss should be done in a healthy manner  - through healthy eating and exercise. It works!


The capsules are easy to take. They're small and because they're gel caps they're easily swallowed.


  1. I like them. I don't agree with using it for weight loss either but, I get in really bad stomach pains because sometimes I have problems digesting. This product helped me. I think all the negative reviews out there are because people think its an easy way to lose weight. Go to the gym or go outside. Take this for its actual purpose

  2. I totally agree!! People take them thinking they'll drop all this weight. Sure, some might at first but obviously it's water weight. They're definitely good for relief when you need it!!