Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I don't make resolutions. I don't believe in waiting to make changes in my life. If I feel that my life needs a change, I make it!

Why is it that people use the new year to begin a health lifestyle? Is it because of all of the insane holiday food that they eat? Do they gain holiday weight and this is the solution to get back to where they were?  Do they allow themselves to have a holiday feeding frenzy and then decide to get on-track later?

Do these people really wait all year to decide to begin living healthy?

I guess I don't understand the whole concept of waiting for the new year to begin living healthy. I get the whole notion of it being a time of change, and one thing that people often want to change is their weight. A new year, a new leaf to turnover. Many fitness centers or diet plan companies offer "A New Year, A New You!" type specials. I will add that thanks to such resolutions, now is a great time to find fitness apparel and equipment on sale! That's a bonus for someone who is a major shopper (like me).

Why wait though?

Why wait for January first to begin living healthy?  If you make the decision in October, start in October, don't wait until "after the holidays."  If you make a decision, go for it! If you decide in October to get healthy and lose weight, but wait until January, you just threw away at over two months of living healthy. In those two months, you could have already been losing the weight that you wanted to lose. Depending on your size, that could have been ten pounds or even twenty!

Just over two years ago, I started this journey. It was December, right after my Birthday and before Christmas; before all of the parties, treats, cocktails, and meals. I lost weight that first month; about ten pounds.  I didn't use the holidays as an excuse to continue my bad habits. I changed my habits. I made a change.

I've found that the most difficult part of any of my attempts to lose weight was getting past the first couple months. At first I had the fire and motivation to do it. That dwindled quickly within a month or two. This time not only did I get through the most difficult time, I did it during the holidays.

For those who say it can't be done....IT CAN BE DONE.

I wonder about the success rate of those people who make resolutions. How many people actually keep them for more than a month or two? How many of these resolutions to change for the better become lifestyle changes?

I often laugh when I drive by the gym around this time of year. It's packed. People are signing up for memberships and use the gym frequently. Sometimes there are still quite a few cares there in February. Generally by March I notice that the number of gym-goers as dwindled.  I can look in the window as I pass by and notice that there aren't many people there. Sometimes, right before "bathing suit season," it picks up again for a little while but not nearly as much as it does this time of year.

If you really want to change, you'll do it. It really is just that simple. You'll find your strength and you'll push through the hard times. I feel that this is the case with any type of change. If you really want it, you'll find a way to get there. I hope that with weight loss, you view it as a lifestyle change and that it's a healthy loss. No gimmicks, no pills, no insane crash diets necessary. 

If you have used this time of year to initiate a change in your life, congratulations. My wish for you is that you stick to it and become the person you want to be.


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