Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Strength Training Woes

I will be the first to admit that my ST is lacking. This newfound love of yoga is helping, as evidenced by the muscle soreness I still feel in my abs (and haven't done yoga since Sunday).  However, I know I need more of it and more consistenly.

I am not a fan of ST. I don't really know why because it's not that bad and I feel good when I'm done. For some reason though, I'd rather do some crazy cardio...Huff and puff, sweat like crazy, and all that good stuff. Lift weights? Not as thrilling. I've done it consistently before, but then lose interest.  I KNOW I need to do it but yet can't muster up the motivation. I also feel good, and accomplished when I'm finished. I love that soreness. Yet, I don't do it often enough. I really think that yoga will help me get back into it a little more.

I think that part of it is that I'm far too worried about calories and I burn more doing cardio. Obviously.  However, my muscles need attention and they need to grow in order to help my body continue to burn fat. I know these things, yet here I am writing about my lack of ST.

Secondly, it's kind of boring. Then again, so is cardio sometimes. 

I like the JM DVDs because they combine both cardio and ST, and they go pretty fast. This is probably why I am so in love with her yoga DVD. 35 minutes of yoga seems to pass much quicker than a 35 minute run. Although I will add that doing this running program varies what I'm doing and definitely makes time go faster than if I do a straight run.

Third, I am slightly fearful of muscle. Why? I think I'm at the point in my weight loss where I'm building muscle. My body fat monitor well help me determine whether this is true or I'm just off in some delusional land thinking this is true.  I think once I have a more concrete measure I'll be a bit more relaxed about this. If I know for sure I'm gaining muscle mass, I probably won't worry as much about the scale.  I don't like to play guessing games, so I guess I tend to be more cautious. I probably think the opposite until I'm proven wrong. I hope that this time I am.

Measurements also help, and are very important. however, these are not done as frequently as I would weigh myself. Because I don't see change that frequently, monthly measurements seem to be best.  I know I have not done the best in taking measurements recently. I really need to take the time some morning and do this again. I like having things to compare to. This will probably help with the fear that I have that I'm not gaining muscle and it's actually fat.

I also think that part of what sticks with me is that when I started, and dropped lots of weight fairly quickly, I only did cardio. I guess that gave me the mindset that cardio results in weight loss. I know that ST is just as important, not just for weight loss but for overall health. I know that my body has changed and what worked at first isn't going to work now. I 've lost a lot of weight (including fat). I'm building muscle. As these things happen, the body adjusts, and changes need to be made.

Life is about balance....Workouts are no different. A good workout regime contains both cardio and ST. So? Today I'm not only doing some biking, I'm doing ST too. Maybe I will do a little yoga before. Or after. I've heard it's better to do it after because the body is continuing to burn calories. I get so sweaty with cardio though, I get cold if I'm not moving as much. It's worth a try though. Maybe I'll just have to change my shirt. Whatever I need to do, I need to achieve this workout balance. I need my ST. I think I will start scheduling that on my biking days.


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