Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Three Project

After Kelly Clarkson's fabulous performance on SNL last night, the comments about her appearance started flying.  Apparently she's fat.  That's NOT my opinion.  That's just what I've seen online.  I completely disagree and I happen to think she looks great how she is. 

Another celeb who has recently been criticized for her weight is Christina Aguliera. I do not agree that she is fat either. In fact I think she looks awesome.  Lucky for Jessica Simpson she's pregnant, because I recall comments about her weight being made not so long ago.  Pregnancy has made her safe -- for now. 

None of these women are fat.  To me they look like countless other American women.  I'm willing to venture a guess that they are smaller than the average American woman who wears a size 12.  They do not look even that size to me.  Maybe my perception is skewed having spent so many years in plus size clothing.  I'm still working on my body but at this point I don't think I'm that far away from these women.  If I didn't have so much excess skin I'd probably be even closer to what they look like, or maybe even smaller. BUT...My point with this is that they are both beautiful, healthy women who shouldn't be called fat or criticized for their weight.

To illustrate my point I used some recent pictures of them and put them into collages with me, someone who is, most days, smaller than the average size woman but on other days is right there; exactly average, depending on the clothing company.  Three different women, all gorgeous, and none are fat.

Here are side view shots of both lovely ladies and I.  Aside from the skin we're really not so different, I think anyway.  In fact, my booty may even have more of a curve to it (meaning it's bigger, than Kelly's anyway; hard to see Christina's). Although it could be the difference in posture. I'm leaning forward, making my booty pop out more, and they are both leaning back. My arms and legs look a little bigger but you  have to keep the skin issue in mind.  Draw an imaginary line and then look at where my arm, without the skin, ends.  It's harder to do with my legs but I'd say, skin aside, I'm pretty close to being the same size as these beautiful women.

Here we all are from the front.  Their dresses are fitted and mine has that draped effect going on, but basically we look fairly similar here.  I look a bit more hippy than they do, but the style of dresses, distance, angle and all those factors play a role. Overall though, it's not that much different.

Oh and that dress I'm wearing?  It's a size small from Express. Last time I checked a size small is not fat.

If that's what fat looks like, then I'm okay with that.  The truth though is that I'm not fat. I used to be fat. I KNOW what fat is. The ladies in those pictures are not fat.  I guess in the eyes of some people we could be judged as fat, but we're not. We're average; maybe not even large enough to be average.  We are all beautiful and have great curves.  I love my shape and I love their shapes.

If these ladies are fat, then I guess I am too.


If you need a reminder of what fat truly is, I've included a picture.  This guy deserves it for mocking both an eating disorder and is own poor health....

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