Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tired. That's All.

This post will be fairly short, as I'm quite tired and can't think of a good topic of discussion! That's kind of a rare thing for me. I generally go on and on... Some posts end up being quite long.

My sodium is back in check today - thank goodness!! My fingers still feel a little puffy from Sunday and Monday.  I'm glad I was back within a normal range for me. Hopefully this puffy feeling will be gone tomorrow, or the next day at the latest.

I had a hard time reaching the low end of my calorie range today. I was 151 calories short! I ate a 90 calorie Fiber One bar to make up some of the difference. I also added two ounces of chicken (for a full four ounce serving).  By that time I was still 11 calories short.  I ate a few chips earlier...Not a full serving, and probably not even half a serving, but enough to add a few calories to get me into my range.  I'm not sure what it was about today, but it was hard to get into range.  It's funny... I felt like I ate just as much, if not more, than other days but I had to fight to eat enough. I suppose that's a rarity, so I'll happily take it!

I'm sure I ate more healthy foods today, so even though I felt like I ate a lot, I was right where I needed to be (with the help of those chips).  I really love how I can eat a lot of healthy foods and still not be in range. Eating healthy means you can eat a lot.  Sometimes I feel like I am constantly eating. These are the days that I know that the things I'm eating are good for me. 

I'm making it an early to bed night tonight. I'm so sleepy! I guess sitting in a hair salon for 2 1/2 hours really takes it out of me...?  Actually it may have contributed.  After for sitting that long, my body relaxed. Now it is ready to continue to relax.  I have some things to finish before bed, but I'll be there by 10 this evening, for sure!!

I'm happy to be ending the day on a positive note. I'm glad I can look back and see that it was a healthy day!


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