Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baked Goods and Surfing

I'm baking. No worries; not for me. I will, however, have to resist these baked goods until they go to their rightful owners. I can do it. No. I will do it.  I will not scarf them up, even though they smell delightful.  Red velvet cupcakes are a weakness (all cupcakes, really) of mine.  I especially love them when topped with buttercream frosting, although cream cheese frosting will do. Not that it matters - they're not for me!! I also made some sugar decorations for them.  I only made about 12 because I wasn't quick enough in making my shapes, but that's okay. Twelve will cover half, which is more than enough. I'm baking a little earlier (for the weekend) than I usually do. Normally I'd bake on a Thursday night. I hope my cupcakes are still good come Friday! I can't stand the thought of taking something to someone that's not fresh and at its best. One of my quirks as a baker (hobby) I guess. I can't fathom presenting something that's not the best it can be.

Tomorrow night is baking night part two. I'm making baked donuts again. They'll be glazed and I might add some sprinkles to a few of them.  Sprinkles, sparkles, shine...I love it all! Sometimes something very simple can dress something else up, baked goods included. I think food should involve a little fun now and then. Both the cupcakes and the donuts will not be lacking the fun factor.

I love to bake. It relaxes me. It's one of my favorite things to do. It also allows me to tap into my creativity, which I love. I often do craft projects, make jewelry, or tutus, or accessories. I love putting outfits together or drawing out a room to decorate.  I like to play around with make-up and hair. I listen to music, and make music whether it be playing my piano or singing (usually to my dogs, or myself to get through a long run). Writing, is one of my loves too.  Whatever I do, I like to let my creativity flow. I like to create.

I want to use my creativity with my love of health and fitness and my therapy sills. I have an idea, a business venture, that I hope to put into place someday. I have a few steps to take to get there, so it might be a couple years down the road but it is my ultimate goal. Basically, I want to be a Love Yourself Guru (just thought of that title for effect, not really what I plan to call myself).

Now for part two of this blog...

As I continue to workout and get stronger I continue to realize my physical potential, more and more. Bodyrock is tiring but when I was done today I thought "wow, I just did that and it wasn't a struggle."  There are still some exercises that are hard. I can't do very many push-ups (really need to work on that upper body strength). In fact, to do more than a few, I do them girly-style, on my knees. 

I was thinking of things that I'd like to do now that I've lost weight and I'm getting stronger. As I get stronger, I realize that I'm capable of more than I ever thought possible. I think that I let my size hold me back in some areas.  I was "too fat" to do this and was "too big" to do that. There's nothing left to hold me back. I'm strong, I'm powerful, and I can take on any challenge that I choose. I don't have to do well, I just have to try. Maybe I'll find a new interest that I'll want to practice so that I can do it well. 

I'm going to start challenging myself physically.  I've come up with a few ideas, a bucket list of sorts, of things that I want to do now that I'm healthy.

Surfing. I have wanted to try surfing for years, but I never could because I was certain I'd break the surfboard, or the gear wouldn't fit, or I'd look silly, or, or, or... Next time I go on vacation to a place near the ocean, I'm taking a surf lesson or two.  I watched the movie "Blue Crush" over the weekend (on TV, even though I have it - why is that always so much better?) and it reminded me of how much I've wanted to try surfing, and just haven't had the chance (due to weight and excuses). 

Skiing.  I've cross-country skied but not in a few years. I'm not afraid of that. Downhill is what I want to try. Whether it be on the bunny hills and I never make it to a black diamond (okay that scares me...I can just see an accident in my future), I'm okay with that. I just want to try it. I just want to do it!

Snowboarding. This kind of goes along with both surfing and skiing, as it's a bit of a mix of both (kinda).  It involves the snow and crazy hills but it's done on a board that requires balance like surfing. The similarities probably end there, but in my train of thought it went together!

I want to go back to Vegas, drive out of the city, and go play on the red rocks again. I want to climb to places I didn't climb last time. I want to squeeze through spaces I couldn't squeeze through last time I was there.

I might even be interested in rappelling again. I did this once in high school and stuck to the lower of the hill/mountain/cliff area.  There were three. I went down the first, and smallest, once, just to say I tried it.  It wasn't as bad as I thought, however my shirt got caught in the rope and my bra was exposed to a (super attractive) college guy named Rick who had to help untangle it.  Naturally, as a teenager I thought "I almost died," of embarrassment, nothing to do with the rappelling.  I was done after that.

I'm on the fence about water skiing. I've never done it but might be interested. I'm still a bit fearful of that. BUT, if Giuliana tried it I can try it.  This is a reference to Giuliana Rancic on an episode of Giuliana & Bill, one of the few reality shows I love.  She had a hard time with it. She had a minor injury.  She tried it though. She seemed a little bit afraid but she tried.  If she can try, I can try....Even if I can't get up. I just need to have a kind boat driver!

I'd like to go hiking...Take a good hike, in a real hiking type place.  I do not want to do an overnight hike (me and a tiny tent on the ground? No thank you.) but a day hike, even if just for a few hours.  As long as I don't get lost in the snow (okay no mountain hikes) or fall into a space, get stuck, and have to cut my own arm off in order to get out (also, no hiking alone), I'll be fine.  I liked hiking the last time I did it; I just wasn't in the greatest shape.  Hmm..This goes along with the red rocks playtime, but it's a little different. When I say hiking I think of trail hiking. Yes, that I can do.

Snow shoeing. I haven't done it yet, it doesn't look that challenging but I've heard it is a good workout. Must try.

Warrior Dash!!! I'm hoping to conquor this one in September.  For some reason I feel like completing a physical challenge like warrior dash will make me a bit of a badass.  Perhaps it's what I need to feel like a "real" athlete.

Tennis. I used to play for fun with friends, or with myself against the side of one of my parents' garages. I want to go play for fun again. Basketball too! That was my sport; my favorite. I'd love to get together with a group and go play basketball.  Maybe volleyball too.  In the past (after my more active high school days), chasing a ball around was much too exhausting to consider, no matter how much I loved it.

Races. I want to complete more of them...Another 5K or two, a 10K, and a half-marathon on on my list.

Racing. I want to do the whole NASCAR experience thing and ride in a racecar (my favorite palindrome! Gosh I'm a nerd sometimes; word-nerd that is).  I do not watch NASCAR. I think it's boring to watch cars drive around in circles. I love to drive though; sometimes a bit too fast.  There's just something that seems freeing when I'm behind the wheel. I love to drive. I'm not sure that I would actually get to drive a car, but riding in one would be fun....As long as I don't get motion sickness. That would be horribly embarrassing.

I'm sure there are more things that I could think of  but I'd say that this list is a pretty good start! I'm excited to tackle these things; some sooner than later.

What types of things are you afraid of? Is there something holding you back from trying something new? What are your physical goals? What do you want to do that you've never done?

Those are just a few questions to ask yourself.  Don't be so afraid to try new things that you don't try them. Life is short; get out there and get moving!! I know I am!!


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