Thursday, February 2, 2012

Big: A Word I Never Wanted to Describe ANY Part of Me.

I used to be a "big" girl.  I hated hearing that. I still hate hearing that - even about others! I guess it's just one of those adjectives that I feel isn't necessary to use. Despite being so large, I could not stand it when I heard someone call me big. If they were trying to be nice, it'd make me mad. To me, "big" was the same thing as fat.  I didn't like when people would try to soften the blow of calling me what I really was, which was fat. 

Today I used that word to describe...Myself.  Well, not ALL of me, just a part of me. Two parts, actually. Calf One and Calf Two.  WOW!! I've always had pretty good calves, but not this good. They are so strong! They're hard to the touch. I can't pull any excess skin or fat from those areas. My calves are big. They are beefy. That's ...MUSCLE! 

I guess I've know they're strong but I don't pay much attention.  I caught a glance of them in a mirror tonight and stopped because I thought I had something on the back of one of them. There seemed to be a line and I thought "what is that?"  I touched my leg and there was nothing there. That's when I realized, that was the muscle definition of my calf. So then I checked out the other one. Same thing. I was so happy, and slightly amazed. I've been able to see the definition from the side, especially when wearing heels (WOAH!) but I hadn't really noticed it from the back.  It is a big hard area, which it's been for ages.  Now it's becoming more defined.  I'm sure there must still be some fat on there to lose, because I certainly don't think they're as tiny and defined as the calves of some, but I think I'm just one of those people with big calves. I know people thinner than I am who have big calves....Just one of those things!  Plus the people with tiny, yet muscular calves are quite thin.  A few celebs come to mind when I think of that.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share my excitement about my big calves.  I guess big isn't such a bad word after all, as long as it's describing something in a positive way! I will gladly share my big calves with the world.


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