Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Calories: A Struggle.

Today is day two of my calorie struggle.  This is not what you may think. I am not having trouble staying in my calorie range. I am having trouble eating enough calories to get into my range, which is a minimum of 1200. As I've said before (but remind every chance I get), anything under 1200 calories is too few and is unhealthy.

Yesterday I was 151 calories away. I ate a 90 calorie bar and got closer. I had a little snack and got even closer. Soon I was only 11 calories too low.  I solved that by eating a few chips. I tracked it as a full serving although it wasn't even a half. I was in range, so I wasn't worried about figuring out the fraction of a serving I had.

Today I had the same problem.  I remedied it by having some cookie dough (eggless, so it's OKAY to eat haha).  What can I say...? I have a sweet tooth. I think that sweets in moderation is okay. It's not like I'm going wild or eating them daily like I did in the past. AND, I work hard to enjoy a treat now then. I was almost 100 calories under, so after the cookie dough I'm ending the day with just over 1300 calories. Good, good, and good! I need those calories since today was a pretty good workout day. I did a run (yay for training!) and my first bodyrock workout.

WOW! That bodyrock workout wasn't much but I could feel it. You'd be surprised at the amount of work you can do in a matter of ten minutes. I would not recommend doing only short workouts, because it's good for the body to move. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy these as an addition to my usual workouts. It gives me a little more variety in what I do.

Today was an "easier" workout, as I wanted to start small, but it worked me.  I did the Floor Abs Challenge workout.  I was sore during the ab work though.  I'm excited to do some more of them.  Many of the workouts use a sandbag, which I have not yet purchased.  That's part of the rason I decided to start small. I have to figure out a substitute for the sandbag. Luckily I just read a blog on SP and a friend shared her version of a sandbag (weights wrapped in towels and put into a bag). I'll definitely be trying things, but I want to see how much weight she used. I have enough dumb bells, and a weighted vest that the weights come out of, that I could load it up with over 100 lbs of weight. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to try to use all of those. Hmm... Now I wonder if maybe I could just use the vest, or put the vest in a backpack and add a few pounds. This will be a fun way to see how creative I can be with creating my own non-sandbag sandbag.

Bodyrock reminds me a bit of my JM DVDs...It has that same mix of cardio and ST. Even in a short period of time you know you worked. This is definitely my style! I think that bodyrock and I are going to be very good friends. 

I definitely recommend the bodyrock workouts to anyone who wants to add something to their routine. I've heard awesome reviews about them and really enjoyed the one that I did! I'm looking forward to the next!!


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