Monday, February 6, 2012

Fitness Progress

I'm feeling slightly disappointed that I did not feel as sore as I expected (and wanted) to after my bodyrock workout this afternoon. I have felt sore following every one of them since I started, which has only been a few. I think this was number four.  I felt so sore Friday and Saturday that I could feel the burn getting up from a chair. I felt it a bit yesterday too. In order to feel it today I had to sort of squeeze my muscles. I did this several times, just to make sure that the soreness hadn't left me.

Today the only real burn I felt was in my inner thighs when I was biking.  They felt as though they could have been on fire at a few points.  If you bike on a machine, add resistance.  Resistance will make you feel the burn for sure; and think of how good it is for your muscles! I felt a little bit of a burn when I was doing squats during bodyrock but not much.

I have been done working out for almost two hours and I'm not feeling anything. I love when I can feel it when I'm just sitting. This evening I have to squeeze or move my muscles the right way in order to feel it. I'm not a fan of that. I've been in love with bodyrock because it's made me hurt.  When I hurt, I know I'm working.  I'm not giving up bodyrock though. I love it. I can burn some decent calories and work-up a pretty good sweat in the time it takes to do a workout. Which? Isn't much time at all.  I've been taking longer than suggested, probably for a couple different reasons.  First, I'm not nearly as fit as the instructors. I'm also just learning many of the moves so I'm going a little slower to make sure I'm using the correct form. Tonight I realized I totally left out a step in one of the exercises, so I repeated it the correct way. I also do not have an interval timer so I was relying on my HRM.  I took more time than instructed (because I wanted to), likely doing more reps than I would have if I had done a shorter version (bonus!) .  Why? I just wanted to. It wasn't because I was doing badly. I wanted a bit more of a burn. I wanted to burn a few more calories. I wanted to work my muscles a little more. I just made a choice to make my intervals longer.

 What should have taken 12 minutes took me 19.  An experienced rocker could have done one more round of exercises.  I wonder though, how close I'd have been to 12 if I were more experienced and had not added time to it.

Not feeling the pain, even after doing additional moves, means that my body is adjusting. I must be in better shape than I thought because it's only been a few days! In the past I'm pretty sure I was sore for longer than that, when starting a new ST program.  I'm definitely happy that I am in better shape and that it's not feeling as much like I'm being tortured when I do new things. I'd had to say that I'm pleased with my recent fitness progress.

I'm off to rest my muscles and have some tea to help me relax.


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