Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Healthy Eating Habits

Weight loss and health is based so much on what you put into your body.  I've been thinking a lot about this lately because it seems that I've been eating a few too many unhealthy foods lately. I stay within my calorie range but I really need to get away from those things. I miss my protein shakes and those are usually what gets cut out when I make an unhealthy choice. To lose weight you must count values like calories and control your portion sizes. Eating healthy foods generally accompany this because you'll blow through your calories very quickly if you only eat unhealthy foods. It can be done, but it's not a healthy pattern.

Some people will eat very little (or nothing) most of the day except for one meal.  Or maybe they'll only eat twice a day so that they can eat larger portions of what they like, or so that they can eat unhealthy foods.  Back when I did WW I did something like this. If I knew I was going out with friends, I wouldn't eat much so that I could use my points on bad food and/or drinks.  I'd save my weekly flex points for the weekend and drink them (I was fresh out of college and still in party mode at that time). I'd go all day eating very little so that I could indulge in queso dip and chips, beer and shots. This? Is unhealthy.

You may not be going over your calories, but you're not doing your body any favors.  This will likely catch up with you later. I have experienced this first-hand. Sure, maybe now and then it's okay
(although I don't agree) to do this but if you continue a pattern like that, you'll only do damage. There are times when I have a larger meal out and I will eat fewer calories during the day because I know it's coming, but I eat! I eat healthy and often.  I also make a smarter choice at the restaurant so that I'm not splurging on one huge thing. It may be a couple hundred calories more than what I usually eat, but still within my calorie range since I usually eat at the lower end.

Basically? You need to eat....Healthy and often.  Unhealthy eating patterns are just as bad as unhealthy foods. Don't forget that the majority of the weight loss game is eating...Healthy foods, drinking water, eating smaller portions...That's it! Eventually you'll have to add exercise to your plan, but it's a good idea in general.

Jillian Michaels has said over and over again that it's calories in versus calories out... I most definitely agree with her. Sure, other factors can influence things but not to the extent that some diet plans would have you think.  When it comes down to it, you have to change your habits and be healthy! That's the big weight loss "secret" or "trick."  Just eat healthy and exercise!!

Now off to figure out what I will do for lent... I've had a few thoughts run through my mind but haven't decided yet.  I thought of no alcohol, but I rarely drink as it is (usually just on a special occasion, which there have been more than a few of in recent months).  i thought about giving up the scale but I can't do it completely. That's just setting myself up for failure, and I think it's important to monitor progress. I'm doing the weekly weigh-ins for my challenge so maybe I'll continue that.  I have taken a peek at my weight before my weigh-in day (a couple times, at night), so maybe for lent I will only weigh once a week.  I also thought about giving up all sweets again, which would definitely be difficult. But then what do I count for sweets? My protein powder is chocolate? Is that okay?  I eat Fiber One bars that have chunks of chocolate in them. Some of my vitatops are sweet flavors.  I have healthy things that have small amounts of sweets in them...So, are those things exempt?  I realize these are not questions for anyone, but me, to answer. I guess I just need to think on it and come up with my own parameters if I go that route. I know that i need to decide, and pretty quickly! I think sweets would be the most challenging for me, as long as I define it in a way that my healthier options are allowed.


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