Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Need a Vacation

I have the vacation "bug" again. I haven't been on one in a couple years, almost three actually.  I don't see myself going on one this year, but know that next year it's likely that I will be on a Hawaiian vacation. That's if the location doesn't change. For now though, my sights are set on Hawaii.  I COULD take a vacation this year but there are other things that I want to do that will require time off and I'm hoping a job change is on the horizon, so vacation likely will not be possible (you know how it is starting a job, you have to earn it!).  I am happy to wait though, knowing that life circumstances, which will be great things for me, are what is causing me to wait for a nice vaca. 

I think I start to feel this way around this time of year. The cold, snow, and dark days of winter make me want to get away. I want to go out and play, get some sun, and just have a little adventure. I always crave beach-like weather. This winter has been very mild but I'm ready for warm temps, waves, and lots of sunshine.  As soon as Spring comes, my vacation desire will probably subside a bit. 

I took a quiz about exercise and what type is best for me (based on what I like)  on SP today. Oddly I'm craving some strength based workouts. I thought that my result would be cardio, cardio, cardio since that's what I do the most, and what I like the best! I must have some hidden desire for ST. This does make sense though with all the bodyrock workouts I've been doing lately. Maybe my focus is starting to change a little. This is a good thing! I generally choose cardio first and leave ST out.  I think the problem is that ST isn't designed for that calorie burn and that's typically what I'm focused on.  I also get tired of the same ol' stuff when it comes to ST. When I run, I try to run or bike faster or farther. ST hasn't really given me that sort of challenge. Although doing higher weights and more reps has motivated me in the past. I just have a hard time sticking with ST workouts. 

Bodyrock has definitely changed that. I really like the mix of a little cardio with the strength-based moves. This is also the reason I like my JM DVDs. The problem with those is that it's the same thing day after day. I can handle it for a few weeks, as I improve at one level and then move to the next. After a while though, the repetition gets to me. I think part of why I like bodyrock so well is that there's a new workout every day. I've definitely found something in fitness that I LOVE as much, if not more than, cardio. I don't burn as many calories (some days close to it though!) as when I run, but I feel it. I sweat and I know I worked when I'm done.

This is definitely something I will keep in mind when I start training people. I'll want to develop a plan WITH them, not for them. I want their feedback (in terms of whether it not it's too easy, or starts to get boring). I want to challenge them and keep them interested. Whether they like repetition or variety, I'll be sure to have an awareness of that when working with them.

Back to vacation...

When I was taking this quiz I realized that the way I was answering some of the questions is different than I would have in the past. In the past going to a warm destination meant hitting the beach, laying in the sun by the pool, sipping on cocktails during the afternoon, and hitting the bar/club scene in the evening. Of course some days would be filled with shopping.  I wanted to relax as much as possible on my vacations.

When a friend and I went to Vegas a few years ago we did less of that than other things. I remember thinking about how that's all I wanted to do; just relax by the pool and work on my tan. We did some of that but we mixed in other things too... We spent a day hiking, we took a trip to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, we walked around the strip, and other fun things. I'd say we did more active things than we did laying around. Of course being that it was Vegas we did stay out late at night (some nights later than others) too. I remember being a little disappointed about the lack of laying around. But? I had fun doing other things and I'm glad that the friend that I went with liked to stay busy. This limited my laying around time and kept me active, which was a good thing for me.

My previous couple vacations were non-stop busy, mostly with sight-seeing (but these were also trips to Europe) and a lot of walking. There was no rock climbing or spending long evenings in heels. I guess that friend and I were busy in different ways, but we stayed busy.  I'm not sure when my last more passive vacation was... Probably my final Spring Break in college. One of my closest friends and I spent some time in Kentucky and Florida. There was a lot of relaxation.... Laying out by the pool, going to the beach, shopping, and being annoyed by a high school baseball team (fun, though!).

Now? I want to be more active on vacation.  Considering my next planned vacation is likely to be in Hawaii... I want to go hiking, around the island, on the inactive volcanoes, to waterfalls... All of that fun stuff. I want to take a surf lesson or two. I definitely want some beach time, but I want some of it to include running or playing beach volleyball.  Some kayaking in the ocean would be fun; I've only ever gone on rivers and lakes. Oh and maybe some snorkeling! Or swimming with the dolphins. I no longer want to go to a warm place to do nothing but lay in the sun, get a little wet, and have drinks. A little of that is okay, but I want more adventure. I want more activity! Also? I want to be able to wear shorts and bathing suits in public with more confidence and have pride of my body. It might not be perfect but it's a lot better than it used to be.

I think part of why I want to go on vacation so badly is to try new things. I want to have some time off to go play; just get out and be active. I still want the warm weather, but what I want to do is much different than it once was.

I love my new lifestyle. I love being healthy and active.  With this change I've learned to become more confident. I think I was too afraid that I'd look dumb or I'd have something embarrassing happen. I was too afraid to try new things because of my size.  Now? That's totally different. I can't wait for my next adventure!


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