Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Knotty Situation

I have to start by noting that I am writing this on my iPad (watch for typos and autocorrect mishaps!) as Ibeatch the number one college basketball team take down some Gators.

I am a huge Kentucky fan.

I will likely get more watching than writing done. It happens. Lucky for me there are commercials.

I can't help but think of athletes as I write this. I'm currently dealing with something that athletes (am I one?!) deal with often. I have a knot. A big knot. This knot has taken up residence in my right calf. This knot is so not my friend.

Total side note: Chocolate is NOT the gift that (all) women want for Valentine's Day, Whitman's Chocolates. Definitely not this girl.

I woke up this morning with a little tenderness in that calf. I thought it was going to cramp. It didn't. Although at this point I'm thinking a quick, painful cramp would be nice.... Get the pain over with.

Before my run I stretched like crazy. I did some calf stretches, mostly the kind where you push against a wall. It felt a little better. It was fine while I ran and when I walked. After my run/walk it immediately tightened up again. I've been trying to stretch it with no success.

I know what I have to do but almost cannot stand to do it. I need to massage the knot out. By the way, it feels like it's a pretty big knot. Or maybe there is more than one?

I like, no I LOVE massages. I love how relaxing they are. I love how they make my sore muscles feel better. I've learned to love even more since I started working out. Sometimes muscles just need that TLC.

I do not like giving myself massages. I especially do not like giving myself painful massages. They're not at all relaxing.

I suppose I need to just suck it up and press like crazy on that thing. It's tender but I think I can handle it. I'd much rather have someone else do it though.

Sometimes knots just happen. They're common, especially in athletes.I'm not dehydrated. I'm pretty sure I've eaten enough potassium lately. I did notice that leg feeling a little sore when I was biking last night. Perhaps that activity was enough to cause a knot.

Tonight is one of those times when I think "why haven't I bought The Stick yet. The Stick is a tool for self-massage and I've heard lots of good things about it. Some runners use it daily just to promote good health. I really need to buy one of these. Knots don't happen (to me) often but it'd be nice to have when they do. And a post-run stick massage doesn't sound like a bad idea!

I suppose... Off I go to massage my calf and finish watching this fantastic basketball game!


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