Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Man Push-Ups and Changes

I am super happy to have realized today that...I can do regular, man-style push-ups. I no longer have to do girly-style push-ups! This is a huge thing for me because as long as I can remember I've not been able to do regular push-ups. I've always done them on my knees, which is significantly easier.  They work your arms, but I don't think it's as much. And...Knee-style push-ups do not work your abs like regular push-ups do.  I've never really had the arm strength to do regular push-ups. I recently started doing a few here and there during my bodyrock workouts but most of the time I did them girly-style.  Today I decided I was going to try them again and this time I did more than I thought I would (or could).  The workout was pretty intense and focused a lot on arms, with three of the five exercises being some form of a push-up...Yeah.... I got sore! Toward the end I did some girly-style, but for the majority of the workout I did regular push-ups.  I'm not great at them. My arms still got shaky. They weren't as hard though. I felt so accomplished after! I can't help but wonder how long I've had this ability but I've just not really tried it or pushed myself. 

I think that I am capable of doing more than I do with other exercises too, but for some reason I don't push as hard as I could. Maybe I'm afraid of failure? I don't know why, really. It's an exercise and no one is going to know if I am horrible at one unless I share it. The worst that can happen is I can't do a move; I lose my balance or my muscles give out....That's not a big deal. I've kind of had this "why not" attitude lately. Why not try? The worst thing that can happen is that I'll learn that I need more work on a certain area. There really isn't anything bad about that. Who knows, I might be pleasantly surprised like I was today.

I'm doing okay with this calorie cycling plan. I've changed a lot of things the last couple days; more yesterday than today. I think it's just a matter of adjusting and making sure I'm calculating everything correctly.  Part of my problem is that I want to eat more than I should. I end up taking something else off of my plan in order to compensate for whatever I eat when I'm feeling hungry.  It's OKAY to eat if you're hungry. It's just not okay to overeat.

I think I need to make a few slight changes. First, I need to figure out something else to eat in the morning. Or go to lunch earlier. I tend to wait too long to eat and by the time I have lunch, I'm feeling a bit ravenous. Then I want to eat more than I plan, which is fine...Except I have to revise my plan for later. The same thing happened this evening while I was making dinner. I ended up munching on some pretzels while it cooked because I was so hungry.  I need to workout a little earlier so that I can be done and eat earlier. It was 7:30 by the time I had dinner tonight... My snack at work was around 3:30 and consisted of a Greek yogurt. I had a protein shake after my workout, but those really do not fill me up. I drink them as a supplement for the extra protein. If I didn't have those, I wouldn't worry as much about eating....BUT I like my shakes and they're good for me.  I usually have one with half a cup of fat free milk. If I'm desperate I'll have one with water to save the 45 calories that the milk adds. The powder itself is 130 calories.  I could have a pretty nice snack for 175! Anyway, I think those couple minor adjustments will help... Lunch a little earlier, workout earlier....and hopefully not feel like I'm insanely hungry. 

I already have my plan ready for tomorrow and I'm 72 calories short...Of 1200!! I know I'll make that up somewhere but I just don't know, right now, what to add. I suppose it's nice to have that little bit of wiggle room. I can have half a cup of pudding with dinner and I'll still have 12 calories left to eat....Which will be difficult. I may end up cutting something else in half (like my carrots at lunch or something) to add a few more calories to that so I can eat something and use the 12.  Honestly I would rather be a little bit over than under.  I was over both yesterday and today by a few calories. It's insanely difficult to try to hit it right on the mark. I guess with the working out that I do, it's better (for me) to eat a few extra than it is a few less.

My workouts are something else that I'm going to switch up. Rather than focus on running every other day and making sure I do this or that when I want/need to...I'm going to tailor my workouts to my eating. For example, days that I know I'll burn more calories (like days that I run), I'm going to eat more calories. So on my higher calorie days, I'll run, as I know that burns more calories.  I've been slacking on the yoga (I'll admit, I'm losing interest and much more focused on my BR workouts) lately but that's a good exercise that doesn't burn a lot of calories. I could do that on a day that I run and be just fine.  On days that I don't do as much I might just do BR. Like tomorrow...If it's a 1200 calorie day, I should be okay burning only 200-300 calories rather than 500+.  On a day where I eat in the middle (1300 or 1400) then I'll aim to burn 300-500. So tomorrow...I may only workout for 30 minutes doing BR.  Or BR for 20 and a quick 10 minute walk or something...Or I will plan on those lower calorie days being my rest days. Whatever happens to work for me....At the moment. This is of course during a perfect week when I have nothing else going on. Naturally things will happen and I'll have to make other changes as I go....Maybe a Saturday will be a 1500 calorie day so another day I'll eat lower cals... We're always having to adjust things in our lives and this will just be an extra thing for me.

I sometimes worry that I'm burning too many calories for what I take in, which is not good.  Obviously eating 1200 and burning 500 of that in a day isn't going to be good.  I think that making sure my workouts are on track with my eating will be a good benefit for me. I'll still be burning extra calories but I won't be putting too much stress on my body. The point of calorie cycling is to keep it guessing but there's a point when guessing because a bad idea. 

Oddly I felt lighter today after work. Maybe it was the workout pants that I wore. Last time I put them on they were a little snug. Now? They fit just fine and are almost a bit too baggy. Or maybe it's just feeling more positive and happy in general.  I definitely think that I could be lighter than last week.  Actually I know I am because of that crazy retention. But I feel like I've just been making better choices and I'm more aware this week too, so I'm hoping to have lost the water plus some actual poundage from fat this week. I'll be happy with two little pounds!

 I realized that I would take a bite of something here or there and not track it. Not because I didn't want to but because I said "oh I'll do it later, it was just a couple bites" and then I forget. Over time those little bites add up, especially if you're not measuring. Guesstimation is often inaccurate. I learned that a while ago...And I learned to measure everrrrything. I know all of this... I've known it for quite a long time now. I just wasn't paying attention to it. Going back to actually planning daily menus and making sure I track everything is a good way to stay on the right track.  I have my day all planned and tracked so if I eat something extra, it's like a signal to me that I need to track that - immediately.  I guess having something unplanned stands out for me a bit more now.  Sometimes going back to the basics is really helpful and a little eye-opening. My eating has definitely been better these last couple days.

I suppose that's about it for now...I'm feeling my eyes get heavy so I should go start getting ready for bed now.  Hopefully I can sleep through the night without any bizarre dreams like I've had the last two nights. Luckily I don't have a headache so I'll be avoiding any type of pain reliever which may have contributed. I guess we'll see tonight if that's a possibility....I really hope to sleep well!


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