Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Next Toy...Or Two.

There are a couple new toys that I can't wait to buy, but will wait to buy! I love fitness equipment. Unlike many people, I acutally use what I buy. Repeatedly. I use it frequently.  However, I have a hard time making big purchases....Which is funny because I could buy a bunch of smaller things that equal the same price, but have a hard time buying one thing that's more expensive. Odd? I think so. I could probably buy a bunch of little things at once, spend as much as one big thing and even be okay with that. I've invested a lot in clothes, shoes, DVDs, gadgets, and equipment. However, both expensive equipment purchases (my treadmill and my bike) were gifts from my parents (thanks, Dad!).  For some reason I have a hard time justying spending a large amount of money on something like that.

Anyway, these are the next two toys I want to buy.

First, I'll probably go with the equalizer. This is recommend and used in more bodyrock workouts than I can count.  The pink sandbag that they recommend is another great thing, however, I have dumb bells, kettle bells, and other things that I can use in place of the bag, so the bag isn't really on my list. The equalizer? Oh yes...It's number one on my list. 

The next big fitness purchase on my list, the equalizer...Every time I watch a BR video, it makes me want one of these more and more. My BR workouts would be so much more complete with one! Seriously, go to and check out how awesome it would be to "play" on one!

This is the sandbag...

Second, the TRX system.  The beauty of this is that I can use it at home and I can go to a class and learn how to use it as a teaching tool (after I get my personal trainer certification, of course). SO...This would be a good thing for me, as well as a good investment for future use (if I find a palce that does TRX classes).

Here's the TRX system...Doesn't it look like fun!?

I LOVE fitness equpiment!


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