Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One Step at a Time

In weight loss, you take steps. You have to take the correct steps to reach your goals. Those steps are often changes.... You change your eating. You change your exercise. Later, you will likely have to change what you're doing in order to continue to reach your goals.

Recently I've made some changes in my exercise routine. I've added more strength training and in one week, had a loss of inches. It was also a noticeable change...Maybe not in the eyes of everyone around me, but people you see often are less likely to notice the small changes.

For the most part my eating has been the same, but I have made a couple little changes, which will (hopefully!) help show some more weight loss results. I will admit that I had a weekend of indulgence which continued into yesterday... I made some unhealthy choices (like candy for dinner - this is NOT a good example).  It's true that a calorie is a calorie. However, I prefer to fill my body with healthy calories that benefit me more than empty calories.

I'm back into the healthy swing of things today. I find it interesting that sometimes I can have a day or two of treating myself and it seems to take an extra day to get back into my normal routine. I guess leftovers are to blame? Ha! It's actually habits. It's easy to slip into old habits, especially if these habits include some of our vices (and fun). I think this is part of why it's so hard for some people to lose weight. It takes a lot of work to change, especially your habits. I'm learning that I'm in an interesting position. It's easy to fall into my old routine but I definitely couldn't do it long-term. I miss working out if I miss a day. I hate feeling the build of of sodium in my body. I don't like not having energy. When I'm healthy, I feel good. My healthy routine is easy to get back into (most of the time; we all have our days)...I miss it when it's not there, but do enjoy an unhealthy meal and a drink or two now and then. I like that I've learned to find my balance.

I've talked, for a while, about how I want to make health and fitness a part of my career. I love the idea of blending mental health and physical health. I took a step in achieving that goal this evening! I ordered home  study materials to work toward my certification!

I also researched  CPR courses (a must-have for a trainer) and am narrowing down which days/times I want to go. I'm weighing what's better... Six hours on a Saturday or two evenings a week. I'll probably go with a Saturday.  The two day times would take me away from two workouts that week. With a Saturday course I might miss one, or none! Plus I won't have to rush around after work and trying to figure out what to do with my dogs, and other logistical things. I think a Saturday sounds the best, now it's just a matter of choosing which site and the date! I'm looking for times in March or April, and will likely wait until April. After all, it will take me a little time to learn and study. I want to make sure I know my stuff before I take the exam.  I did take a random online quiz and did well on it. I missed one question that I'm pretty sure I didn't put too much thought into.

I am so excited to be taking this step!! It's  just now hitting me that I could still work my regular job and maybe do a couple training sessions a week just as something part-time, and to gain some experience for when I look into it full time. I plan on doing the course for group fitness too, but that won't be immediate. One step at a time...


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