Monday, February 27, 2012

Planning Woes

FYI, for me 1500 calories seems like A LOT - especially 1500 calories worth of healthy food. I had my menu for the day planned out nicely. I was only three calories over and figured that would be fine because I probably wouldn't finish something.

Then I saw my sodium count. I was 2800-something milligrams. Not good! I knewI had to re-think dinner. I was planning to have a HG chicken recipe that called for pretzels.  Buh-bye pretzels as well as the added salt and liquid egg substitute. That saved me quite a bit of sodium (about 800 mg) by the time I added what I will eat for dinner onto my tracker.  Although, in thinking about it, the pretzels I use are lower sodium than many pretzels....Probably different than the recipe. However, I'd still be over what I'd like to be.

Funny part? I had half a serving of pretzels anyway. I was really hungry and my chicken took ages to defrost.

The next dilemma? I was under calories by more than 200. This meant that I needed to add some foods to my day that are low sodium.... I added another vegetable to dinner and a banana to my "afternoon meal."  Now? I'm under 1500 by one calorie. I decided this was just fine. I also have no idea what I can eat that will only equal one little calorie. My sodium is still higher than I like it, at about 2000, but I'll deal with it. I prefer it be between 1500 and 2000, more toward the lower end of the range. I know it's because of my lunch (HG pizza luau) including some processed foods like cheese and ham.  I am much higher in carbs (I'd say thanks to all the fruit I ate) than I'd like to be, but I can handle that. I really didn't want to play that game anymore!  Honestly, staying in all ranges and having to eat a lot is not an easy task.

I haven't done the pre-planned menu thing in quite a while. I had forgotten how obnoxious it can be! I feel like a beginner, just learning to track all of these things. I'm honestly not super worried about much other than calories. It's about calories in versus calories out. I'm not jumping on some diet trend. I'm zig zagging to see how that works, but I'll still be eating pretty much anything healthy with a treat now and then.

Here's the summary of what I ate today, which seems like a lot. I like to think of this as evidence for anyone who thinks that they won't be able to eat much when they cut calories. When it's healthy, you can eat a lot!

Breakfast: baked oatmeal, one cup of seedless red grapes, two cups regular coffee.
Mid-morning meal: one cup whole strawberries, half cup blueberries
Lunch: HG Pizza Luau, two cups Dole Italian blend with a serving of baby carrots and two tablespoons fat-free Italian dressing
Mid-afternoon meal: Oikos greek vanilla yogurt, part of a banana (it was yucky so I only had a couple bites)
Snack: 100% whey chocolate protein powder, quarter cup fat-free milk
Dinner: Four ounces boneless, skinless turkey breast with  half a tablespoon of honey mustard, steamed florentine veggies, half serving of fat free pretzels,  partial serving of Lindt dark chocolate (70%) with some fat-free cool whip.
Calories: 1504
Fat: 33
Protein: 97

I don't know about you but to me... That seems like a whole lot of food!

As much as I love my HG recipes, some of them seem to be higher in carbs and sodium than I'd like. I definitely learned that two HG meals in one day isn't a good idea for those values.  I am more concerned with calories but do like to watch my other values too, just to stay in healthy ranges. I'll probably have left over dinner for lunch tomorrow (maybe cut up some chicken and throw it in the salad), and then I'll have a HG dinner. I'm thinking that her "Swapcorn Shrimp" sounds good. I just have to make sure everything fits within my ranges.

I really hope that this new plan helps me bust through this plateau and helps show some results! Because of my recent fluid retention I'm not sure I'll get an accurate reading this coming week, but hope to the next...Which is the last week of my challenge. I honestly think it will take a couple weeks of this changed up plan to see actual results. I'm hoping this helps me get back to a two pound per week loss.

Now to plan tomorrow's menu. Let's see how many times I end up changing it....


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