Thursday, February 16, 2012


There's a lot I could say about pride; positives, negatives...What's good, what's not....And on and on.  I'm going to focus on a positive aspect of pride for a few moments.

I was thinking tonight that a lot of us don't take the time to reflect on our lives. We don't always give ourselves the props we deserve when we do something good. I've been guilty of making rewards and then when I reach my goals, not rewarding myself. I'm pretty sure I owe myself a massage and at least one new piece of Tiffany silver, and who knows what else. It's funny how when I set goals I get excited about the reward I've said I'll give myself. Then I never get around to rewarding myself.  I continue to make progress and meet goals though, which I think is interesting since I don't reward myself like I should. Maybe the satisfaction of reaching a goal and knowing I COULD have a reward is enough for me.  The first time I was going to get myself a reward, for 100 pounds lost, my parents bought it instead (pretty new Tiffany key necklace). Honestly it was nice that they bought it for me, but I still wanted to give myself something. So I ordered some earrings. It felt good to give myself what I deserved for reaching that milestone. I'm not sure what happened along the way, but I just do not give myself rewards anymore. 

I think I'm happy with the biggest reward of all... My health; my life. For me there's no going back. I'm changed forever. I'll always be healthy; I have new eating habits (although I sometimes go astray) and I cannot imagine my life without fitness!! I love it! Changing my lifestyle has changed me, for the better, physically as well as mentally.

I'm proud of myself. I've accomplished something that not every can, and I did it "the hard way." Given the choice, I'd choose the hard way every time. I've learned so much and changed so much that I'll take all the ups and downs over taking the easy way out. Sometimes people want the quick solution. That's great... But by using those quick solutions... Do they last forever? Can you live like that for the rest of your life? Are you healthy? Are you happy?  Have you changed your thinking? So much of this is mental...If you don't truly change your thinking and your habits, you'll probably have a much harder time than someone who did.

I think that we're taught not to go around showing our pride. Too much of it and you're gonna look like a cocky, self-centered jerk. No one wants that. Or maybe some people do but seriously... Get over yourself! There's a difference between having a sense of pride and walking around like you're the best person ever. It's like anything; there's a line that can be crossed and generally when it is, it's not for the better.

Feel good about yourself. Be happy with your accomplishments, the changes you made...Anything you've worked for. You DESERVE to acknowledge your hard work and feel proud of yourself. Take a moment to thank yourself for whatever it is you've done... Take a moment to realize just how awesome you are.

It doesn't have to be weight related... Maybe you wanted to start exercising just to feel better, or you're eating healthier just to be healthy. You don't have to need to lose weight in order to live healthier. You might be eating healthy and gaining weight because you were underweight and unhealthy before. Maybe you've quit smoking, stopped drinking, or you're leaving another addiction behind...Maybe you're leaving an abusive relationship. No matter what it is, you deserve to feel happy. You deserve to feel proud of the strength you've found within yourself to make a change. Change isn't easy and a lot of people have a hard time with it. If you've recognized it and you're just formulating a plan...Feel proud.

Give yourself credit for the good things you do in life, no matter what they are. It's more than okay to feel proud of yourself - it's a sign of good self-esteem (unless it's inflated and then maybe you have an ego issue which is something in itself). Sometimes if you won't, no one else will (even if they should!!).

Go ahead, give yourself some "snaps."  I'm sure they were well deserved.

Snaps for you - and snaps for me!!!


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