Friday, February 3, 2012

Simple Things.

I know that I do not take enough time to sit back and enjoy the simple things in life. I appreciate what I have; earned or given to me. I am thankful that I have a job, a home, a car...Things that some people don't have, but to me are everyday things.  I am mostly thankful for my loved ones; my family and friends.  I can't imagine the life I'd have had without them in it. I'm sure I'd be in a much different place right now. I don't want to think much about that...I love where I am (maybe not thrilled geographically, but we all need things to work toward!).

I had planned to workout this evening for however long... I did a bodyrock workout and didn't know how long that would take me. Then I thought I'd run, and complete week five of my training.  My Dad sent a text that he and my mom, and some friends of ours were going to go out for dinner.  I knew I couldn't workout and get there on time.  I thought about it and went back and forth on what I'd do. In the end I decided I'd do my bodyrock workout, and then go for dinner.  I told my Dad I'd be there 30-45 minutes later than they would...Which was fine because we went to a pizza place and it takes time to make a pizza. 

Don't let the word pizza make you think I was totally unhealthy. I was still within my calorie range and didn't go wild.  I had one small piece of pizza that comes on a thinner style crust.  I also had a salad with ranch, but I dipped my fork in the ranch rather than dumping it onto my salad (easy trick and you'd be surprised how much less ranch, and calories, you consume by doing that).  In the past I would have eaten between two and four (depending size) mozzarella sticks (basically a small pizza COVERED in insanely yummy cheese) dipped in ranch, maybe a salad and two pieces of pizza.  Or three pieces without salad.  I also would have drank beer. Or maybe a glass or two of wine.  Tonight, with my small slice and my salad, I drank water.

I stayed within all of my ranges and didn't feel stuffed (or disgusting) after dinner. I was satisfied and still felt as strong as I did before dinner. There was no tummy bloat, no feeling of discomfort.... I didn't feel like I erased my bodyrock workout. 

I felt bad about not doing cardio at first, but ST is also VERY important.  My muscles love me right now! It was nice to be able to get in a workout and still see family and close friends.  I'm glad I decided to do at least part of a workout and then join them for dinner.  I didn't feel bad getting there later than everyone else. No one else seemed to mind. It was nice to get out for a while, and be able to share how strong I'm feeling (or maybe it was bragging?). 

It was a great way to start the weekend.  I think I'll spend the rest of the evening relaxing with my dogs and a movie. Honestly, I'd love to run right now but it's getting late and if I do that, I'll be up all night thanks to the adrenaline!  I can't wait to get up and do yoga and then run tomorrow!!

Have a healthy weekend!!!


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