Monday, February 13, 2012

Small Thrills

I've been doing bodyrock workouts consistently since the beginning of this month...I've taken days off, and used bodyrock as my ST/CT but, I've been doing them frequently.

Bodyrock requires a few tools that I don't have. I'm using substitutes which works fine for most of them, or I do the modified versions of exercises that do not require the equipment. I don't know that I'll order a sandbag, as I have other things that I can use that are the same weight and shape.  I will probably buy an equalizer at some point in time, maybe after I've been bodyrocking for a while and get a little stronger. Perhaps that will be a goal gift in the future.

An interval timer is something that I thought would be useful in not only bodyrock workouts but when doing HIIT. I generally do HIIT on the treadmill so I just keep an eye on my time.  A timer would allow me to not have to watch the time (possibly going faster?) and would allow me to do other forms of HIIT. 

Yesterday I was at Dick's and decided to check out their interval timers. I was referred to the MMA section (looked everywhere but there) as that's where the "best one in the store" was located. The "best one in the store" probably meant most expensive, but that's okay. It does everything I wanted it to and more, and I got it right then. I didn't have to wait for it to be shipped. It's about five dollars more than the timer recommended through the bodyrock site, and ends up being about two dollars more with the slow shipping (2-5 business days) included. I wasn't going to fuss about two dollars. Also? I don't have to wait for my order to process then wait for it to get here. Processing time and max shipping time, it could be a week before it comes. I bought the one at Dick's.  Usually when I get something in my mind that I want, I want it now. I'm not good at waiting, especially when it comes to fun new exercise equipment and gadgets! I'm excited to use it! I have to push the pause button after each round (when doing exercises with rest periods) but that's not a huge deal.

The only negative? It only came in yellow so I didn't get to choose my own color, like pink, but I'm pretty sure that color isn't going to impact my workout. I'll survive with the yellow.

I've only used it once, today, but so far I think it's great!


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