Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sometimes I Think I May Hate Myself...

...Then I realize that I LOVE myself!  Today was one of those days!  I did my first intense bodyrock workout. Um, WOW! The abs workout I did yesterday was nothing compared to this.  This made me shake. It made me sweat. It made me hurt. I loved every second of it; even those that were horrible.

The workout consisted of four exercises...

The first was  20 1,2,3 spider push-ups (ten on the left, ten on the right).
The second was the killer for me.  I did 10 mountain climbers then got up and lifted  20 lb vest, folded so it wasn't as awkward to hold (I don't have a sandbag as the workout calls for), over my head while doing a lunge on each leg. Then repeat. And repeat again. Repeat until a total of 20 of these combos have been done.
Third was an over the head press using the vest (or bag), and a kick to one side. Then alternate.  This was repeated for a total of 20, or 10 kicks on each side.
Third was probably my favorite..Also the easiest. It was 20 oblique crunches; 10 on each side.  This should be done with a dip station or equalizer (arms would be lifting the body) but since I do not have either of those, I had to do the modified version.

Repeat it all. Twice.

I forgot to mention that I did 30 minutes of yoga prior to this, so my muscles were already getting a little sore from the body weight training (yoga).  By the time I was done with this bodyrock workout, I was shaking like crazy. I swear my legs almost gave out a couple times.  My body? Is sore.  I love it.

I was going to do biking too but that bodyrock workout took a bit longer than I expected (haha that easy ab workout had me fooled!). It also wore me out more than I thought it would!

Oddly, I'm ready to go pick out my bodyrock challenge for tomorrow!!


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